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Nipple Fortune-Tellers

I have a serious tendency towards speculation. Not that I’m suspicious of other people and their business, but rather that I have a bad habit of digging too deep for greater meaning when perhaps there is none.

Currently, we are braving the two week wait (TWW), which has been excruciatingly difficult. Not only because I’m a speculative person, but also because I had extreme nipple tenderness lasting from 2DPO (2 days post ovulation) until about 5DPO, I’ve been waking up 2-3 times a night to pee, and I’ve been craving all sorts of food that I don’t ordinarily eat. What’s worse is that I’m feeling super fat and have toned my workouts waaaaay down in anticipation of implantation, so in just feeling like I’m getting fatter.

Even worse- I don’t feel pregnant. So in a way, I worry that at the end of this I will be under slept, over fed, overweight, and blastocyst-less. Ugh.

Today I packed a change of workout clothes for after school, but didn’t leave school until about 6pm (who ever said teaching is a 8 am to 3 pm job has obviously never been a teacher). The Wife is at that damn course again tonight til 10pm, so I had to rush home to be a doggy single parent. The weather outside has been a mix of torrential downpour so I wouldn’t get to exercise outside with the dogs either.

Sorry about the complaining. I am just really frustrated because I never seem to have any time to fit in my workouts these days and it makes me extremely agitated and resentful. Not to mention the fact that I’ve abstained from any form of caffeine since inseminating, and at times, all that I can think about is a rich and bitter americano.

Maybe I’m not cut out for all of this.

I can’t imagine feeling like this for several months with no success.

How do all of you do it?


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