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IUI#3: The Two Week Wait that I Slept Away…

The theme of this two week wait (TWW) is: exhaustion.

Throughout this TWW, I have napped every single day, and sometimes twice a day! Originally, I had thought it might be a pregnancy symptom, but after doing some research, it seems it may just be a side effect of the progesterone suppositories. Other than that, no other symptoms. No breast tenderness, no cramps, no nausea.

I have however, had insatiable cravings for Korean food. I’m not Korean, so don’t have a deeply rooted history of turning to Korean food for comfort, but have craved for (and eaten 3 times this week) gamjatang. In fact, I’m still craving it.

Did blood work today at the clinic (12DPO), and find out whether I’m pregnant. I caved however, and peed on a strip this morning, which came up negative 😦

This IUI seemed different than the rest, and I really hope it’s the one.

We find out in an hour.

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