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What NOT to Do the Night Before Your IUI

So last night, as my darling and I are winding down for the night, my mother calls. Since the call is long-distance, I felt compelled to answer it, despite our household rule not to answer calls from my dysfunctional family members past 7pm. She had also tried calling me late in the afternoon (well before our “phone curfew”), so I thought it might be important.

I was wrong.

She just wanted to vent.

And after two attempts at trying to wrap up the conversation, I finally got off the phone with her two and a half hours later.

This proved to be very problematic, because it took me from zen to aggravated, and I didn’t sleep a wink all night. Now we are at the RE clinic, on no sleep, feeling resentful and pissed off before our IUI. Not a good scene. This is why, my fellow bloggers and readers, I am currently passing the buck and venting to you.

Thank you for letting me bitch.
Let this be a reminder that rules are in place for a reason.

No calls past 7pm. Ever. Especially the night before an IUI.

Wish us luck today, that a little spark occurs in my Fallopian tubes and that there’s lots of sticky dust to help it implant in the next week.


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