IUI#4: Cheap Movie Tuesdays

I always have such witty blog ideas floating around in my head, but when it comes to putting fingers to iPhone (yes, I blog from my iPhone- laziness), I become annoyed by the tiny keyboard dexterity required for all of those words, so I put in a half-assed effort. For that, I apologize.

Some of you might be wondering, “Where’s your computer?”, to which I answer with the following points (point form is less typing on the iPhone):

Uno. I don’t like having a device that emits electromagnetic radiation sitting on my lap (I AM trying to make a baby that is non-teenage mutant ninja turtle remember?).

Dos. Darling Wife has a desktop that we use for school things mostly. All school-related things have been banished from my summer. I am on summer break after all.

Tres. My Mac is currently hooked up to our television so that we can watch Netflix because cable tv sucks right now. It’s got 2 adapters hooked up to it and like I said earlier, I am on lazy summer vacation, so disconnecting and reconnecting might make me sweat.

I have been a bit of a princess the past two days (DW would probably argue that I’m a princess all the time). I have been eating and leaving my dishes lying around, I’ve got various pairs of dirty panties (hate that word) still in the shape of the number 8 cluttering the bathroom floor (crowding around the shower), and I’ve built up a nest of hoarded blankets and pillows on the big couch in the TV room. I think DW deserves an award for putting up with the mess.

Not to mention all of the fetching of things she does for me, as well as dealing with my post-IUI whiney ass.

Yes, yesterday was our IUI. The narrative is clear in my mind, but again, I am too lazy to fill you all in on the specifics. But here is a summary:

After pulling the long-distance phone call induced all-nighter, we got up and hit the local Starbucks for a much-needed caffeinated drink. We got to the RE’s clinic about 45 minutes too early for our appointment and sat in the car listening to Radiohead. Being sleep deprived I felt like I was at a laser show. Fun times. Once in the waiting room, we waited for another hour and a half before we were seen by the doctor. I was pissed off because our sample sat at room temperature for at least 45 minutes post-wash. I’m not sure about the viability of sperm after this period of time, but I have read that it is best to use washed frozen sperm ASAP.

The IUI procedure itself was pain free, and had no leakage, which was great.

We then headed to DW’s school to pick up some local peaches grown by a colleague of hers.

Once home, I set up my “couch nest”, and proceeded to watch two Woody Allen movies, and a movie called “Friends with Kids”. I love Woody Allen, but watching two of his movies back-to-back is a bit painful. Halfway through the first movie, I started having excruciating stabbing pain on my right side, which I am hoping was mittelschmerz. It was so painful that I actually passed out for maybe 30 minutes. We also watched three episodes of Dexter. So while our egg and sperm is hopefully becoming a little spark, I am watching films with dry comedy and about serial killers. Dang. Hope this kid turns out proper.

Meanwhile, DW spent the day doing hard labour- powerwashing the paint off the side of the house, scraping away what paint remains, and vacuuming up all of the chips. She is a hard worker.

That evening, we went to the cinema to see RED 2 (yes, another movie!). It was awesome and had me laughing my ass off for a good part of the entire movie. We then went for a late night dinner at the local Viet/Thai restaurant because when I’m feeling under the weather, all I want is broth and soup.

All day I felt crampy and my cervix was really tender, making it uncomfortable to sit up or change positions. Farting hurt my cervix and peeing hurt my cervix, which really makes me believe that my anus/rectum, bladder, and cervix are very close in proximity. DW said to me today, “You’re definitely gonna have an anus tear during childbirth then!”. Thanks lovaire. Thanks.

Anyway, I’m now officially in the two week wait. I can’t wait to see what symptoms f&!k with my head.

Maybe my next post will just be my google search history?


What NOT to Do the Night Before Your IUI

So last night, as my darling and I are winding down for the night, my mother calls. Since the call is long-distance, I felt compelled to answer it, despite our household rule not to answer calls from my dysfunctional family members past 7pm. She had also tried calling me late in the afternoon (well before our “phone curfew”), so I thought it might be important.

I was wrong.

She just wanted to vent.

And after two attempts at trying to wrap up the conversation, I finally got off the phone with her two and a half hours later.

This proved to be very problematic, because it took me from zen to aggravated, and I didn’t sleep a wink all night. Now we are at the RE clinic, on no sleep, feeling resentful and pissed off before our IUI. Not a good scene. This is why, my fellow bloggers and readers, I am currently passing the buck and venting to you.

Thank you for letting me bitch.
Let this be a reminder that rules are in place for a reason.

No calls past 7pm. Ever. Especially the night before an IUI.

Wish us luck today, that a little spark occurs in my Fallopian tubes and that there’s lots of sticky dust to help it implant in the next week.

IUI#4: Timing

So let’s try this again…

Onto IUI#4:

Wed July 24- AF (CD1)
Fri July 26- BW and full bladder U/S (CD3)- start letrozole, 5mg dose for 5 days
Thurs Aug 1- BW and U/S (CD9)- follicle: 19mm (R)
Fri Aug 2- BW and U/S (CD10)- follicle: 19mm (R)
Sat Aug 3- BW and U/S (CD11)- follicle: 21mm (R), uterine lining 7.2- EWCM- estrogen starting to spike (600+)
Sun Aug 4- BW and U/S (CD12)- follicle: 22mm (R), uterine lining 8- EWCM- 4:30pm faint OPK- Ovidrel trigger at 9pm
Tues Aug 6- IUI#4 at 9:30am, ovulation pain at 1pm (40 hours apr├Ęs trigger) (CD14)