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Keeping Things Fresh

I am recovering from all of our TTC-shenanigans. It has been a while since I’ve googled “[insert integer] DPO symptoms”, “no sore nipples- still bfp?”, or visited what I felt was a gold mine: www.countdowntopregnancy.com.

Instead, Dr. Google has transformed into Chef Google for me. We’ve had a great harvest of veggies from the garden this summer, and when you have 6lbs of red peppers you need to use up, Chef Google is very helpful. Needless to say, my shits have been red lately, and the toilet brush has been busy. Oh, and I’ve pretty much eaten an entire bunch of kale in the last hour. The last time I did that, I had to book weekly colonics to clear it out. Why don’t I ever learn?

Only this week have I had the mental resilience to check out http://muthamagazine.com/. The site is difficult to navigate through on an iPhone, but I discovered this awesome post: http://muthamagazine.com/2013/08/shoshana-von-blanckensee-gets-birthy-with-it/. It made me smile and hate TTC-ing a little less.


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