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Not Even Pregnancy Weight

One of the things that terrified me about pregnancy was the weight gain. I grew up with a mother who blamed all of her physical ailments on having bore children:

belly stretch marks- from pregnancy
chronically thin hair- from the stress of pregnancy
knee pain- from gaining 50lbs when pregnant with my sister
pissing her pants on a regular basis at work (aka incontinence)- blamed on both my sister and I
accidentally shitting her pants while finishing the last kilometer of her first 5 kilometer race- my fault?

I stand at 5 foot 7 inches, with an athletic build. Most people would describe my physique as athletic but lanky. I have a wingspan of 5’11”. My whole family is convinced that I should have been taller.

Prior to beginning this baby-making journey, I consistently weighed about 135lbs. At my last physical with my family physician, I weighed 131lbs, but that was right after I had a bout of diarrhea (cause: unknown). Currently, after 4 rounds of IUIs- 3 of which were medicated (Letrozole, Ovidrel, Prometrium), I weigh 143lbs. Some of the weight I blame on having to reduce the intensity and frequency of my workouts (burning 300 less calories each workout adds up), but the rest of it I attribute to the medication. Right now, I feel like a whale, and am grateful for the break in TTC-ing to get shit back into natural working order.

Things I’m back to doing:

1. Drinking coffee as it was meant to be consumed: caffeinated, strong, and frequently.
2. Intense exercise: I’ve started practicing Muay Thai, so I’m punching and kicking strange men, and vice versa. Sometimes when I’m bracing a kicking bag, I worry about the impact to my ovaries, but I try to think to myself, you’re on vacation.
3. Talking to people about things other than making babies.
4. Going to http://www.bodyblitz.com and steaming myself the way Chinese dumplings were meant to be prepared.
5. Eating “forbidden fruits”, like bananas on an empty stomach, and papayas.
And many more badass things.

I’m already starting to feel better, and I’m glad that there’s still a bit of time before we get started on Plan B: Reciprocal IVF.

DW however, has been detoxing, so no caffeine for her. She’s been handling it much better than I did, and has resumed taking her prenatal vitamins as prescribed.

Now we wait to bleed… hopefully it happens in a well-synchronized fashion, except of course for the perfect storm of PMS that may await us. Wish us luck!

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