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Four things on my mind

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Queer Femme Mama

1. Sleep (what else?). I have become absorbed in the rhythm of working and family life. While my days are full and rewarding, I spend a good deal of time just trying to get through the daily grind. On a  good night I get about seven hours of sleep, thankfully minus major insomnia lately, because Caitlyn has been so wonderful about taking over the bulk of the night-time parenting.

I try to jump out of bed before 6:30, so I can get a shower and a cup of coffee into me before the baby wakes up. I get her changed, feed her the majority of her breakfast and then trade off with Cait, so I can get out the door before 8 am. She takes Daphne to daycare (or we do it together) and I pick her up just before five. I juggle dinner-making with baby-playing until Cait gets…

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