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Why I Am Not Pregnant By Now

So today was the long-awaited endocrinologist appointment. I walked into a deserted office, where a simple engraved stainless steel sign sat on the reception desk, clearly and simply stating that “Dr. [So and So] is in the office. Please have a seat and she will be with you”. So I had a seat.

I was a bit early for my appointment, and being in Canada, where you become accustomed to waiting over an hour for doctors who are “running behind”, I started unpacking my laptop, lesson plans for tomorrow, a highlighter…. I was getting set up to be productive while I waited.

Soon however, right at noon and not a minute later, my doctor popped her head into the waiting room, introduced herself, and welcomed me in. I scrambled to stuff all of my stuff back into the already-too-small-for-what-I-was-packing MEC laptop bag, and embarrassingly apologized for making her office my office.

The next 45 mins were awesome. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t having fun talking about reasons why I wasn’t pregnant or why I have such weird hormone levels, but she took the time to go through each abnormal result and we talked it through like colleagues. She also demonstrated compassion when she mentioned time being of the essence and took into account our unique circumstances (my buns, DW’s oven). I also learned a lot that I didn’t already know (which is rare because DW and I are both kind of smarty pants that found each other.

This leads me to three posts that I will name “Reason Número Uno, Reason Número Dos, and Reason Número Tres” in a series that I have decided to name “Why I am Not Pregnant By Now”.

Each will explain the investigative work we are doing to uncover the source of the abnormal results. All will be short and hopefully include pictures.

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