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Waiting, Waiting, and More Waiting

Time seems to move very slowly when you’re anxiously awaiting some event in the future….

Who thought it would be the day that I start injecting myself with Lupron daily?!?!

Seriously though, I feel like after all of the waiting in 2013, the child that is to emerge from DW’s loins should be named Patience. Just kidding. That name sounds too fundamentalist Christian to me (and I was raised Pentecostal!).

Anyhow, here’s the timeline that I’ve been given (finally, after weeks of arm twisting and email harassing of the RE clinic):

Dec 27th- start Lupron- 20 units daily for forever (or until HCG trigger day far in the future)
Jan 2nd- last Marvelon pill

Sperm’s been sent, and the lawyer’s clearance has been completed.

All that’s left is to pay (12 grand CDN, yikes!), and sign the consents. Oh, and wait of course. Wait.

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