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Body Blitz and Bleeding

DW and I treated ourselves to fabulous day out today. We enjoyed the waters at Body Blitz in the morning, and then ventured to our favourite authentic Northern Vietnamese restaurant for lunch. We always order the same dishes because we love them so much! Afterwards, we went to get some fresh produce, and some pineapple custard buns (Bolo bao) from the local Chinese market. DW says the are her favourite. I just enjoy that she likes the baking of my people. Lol.

While blitzing in the waters, we both felt some strong abdominal cramps, so we weren’t surprised when we came home to find blood-streaked toilet paper! We took our last Marvelon pill on January 2nd and have been waiting to bleed.

Today (January 4th) is our Day 1. We go into the RE clinic before work on Monday for our Day 3 blood work and ultrasounds. This days ultrasounds are the worst because they do two ultrasounds: one with a full bladder first and the other after it has been emptied. In total, we are there for about 40-45 minutes.

It makes for an early morning on a crappy snowy day, but things are about to get exciting!

(Photo from http://myperiodblog.wordpress.com/2011/12/08/painting-with-menstrual-blood/)


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