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Day 3 Bloodwork and Ultrasound

So this is the update:

Gonal-F starts tonight after 8pm- 200 units.

Stay on the Lupron 20 units.

Come back January 9th again for day 7 bloodwork and ultrasound.

Oh, and the ultrasound technologist accidentally tried to wand me in the wrong hole at first, which was a surprising start to my day…

(Photo from: http://www.signature9.com/food/yum-national-donut-day-2010-means-krispy-kreme-and-dunkin-donuts-freebies)


7 thoughts on “Day 3 Bloodwork and Ultrasound

  1. Its amazing how at first you really hate those ultrasounds and then after a point you really don’t care anymore, mind you I would care if the tried to stick it in the wrong hole too! LOL Good luck for lots of eggies.

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