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Pharmaceuticals for Reciprocal IVF

14 day Lupron kit: $243.07
14 day Lupron kit: $243.07
450IU Gonal-F: $501.03
2x900IU Gonal-F: $2104.22
2x900IU Gonal-F: $2243.20
Doxycycline: $17.38
Ovidrel: $99.55
Fat around my belly to inject into: Priceless

6 thoughts on “Pharmaceuticals for Reciprocal IVF

  1. Holy crap! Is that YOUR cost? I can’t even imagine those kinds of bills. Here’s to hoping this baby sticks! Sending you lots and lots of baby dust and lucky positive vibes.

    • Thank you. It would be my cost if I didn’t have an amazing drug plan. Appreciating the cost of meds that I have covered helps to offset the angst that I have over the ridiculous cost of the IVF itself.

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