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It’s Almost Go Time!

While taking down our beautiful Christmas tree (it’s embarrassing, I know), we finally got the call we’ve been waiting for!!!

(Picture above: the grandmother clock is lonely without the tree)

So we trigger tonight with the Ovidrel, tomorrow I begin the doxycycline, and Tuesday super early in the morning, we retrieve our eggs!!

They’ve got DW on a somewhat complex schedule of estrace/endometrium/prometrium as well, and at some point we will have to go out and buy her a Costco-sized box of panty liners. (If you’ve ever had to take a vaginal suppository, you will understand.)

They’ve booked us for a day 3 transfer, but I’m hoping that we have lots of good quality blasts and that they change their minds to a day 5 blastocyst transfer.

Will keep you all posted!

4 thoughts on “It’s Almost Go Time!

  1. Eek! Good luck. I had to do three suppositories a day but I was lazy and just let it mess up my undies lol. I liked ovidrel because it doesn’t sting but it’s weird how it’s cold. I am so excited for you I am kmfx!

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