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Egg Retrieval!

So at 5:35am, we rolled into the clinic parking lot, Black Eyed Peas blaring in the car, us bouncing to “Pump It Harder”.

We were immediately escorted downstairs to the recovery room, where I was asked to change into a gown and undress from my waist down. I was also given little disposable slippers and a hair net that didn’t fit over my dread bun.

Then the nurse asked me some questions and put an IV in my arm. The doctor was running late, so we just waited for a bit. Below is a picture of DW in her outfit for the retrieval, as well as the recovery area:



We were then led to the treatment room, where I was asked to lie down and place my legs in a strange contraption. DW was in the room with me, as were two nurses and one of my favourite ultrasound technicians.

Three different drugs, which the nurse kept referring to as the “cocktail” were injected into my IV line, and within a few minutes my body started feeling heavy. The doctor came in just as the drugs were starting to set in. He inserted a speculum, ‘prepared’ my vagina, and then began the retrieval.

I felt the needle as it poked through each ovary, and as it was maneuvered to access each follicle. I got to watch it in the tv in the room as well. It was over just as quickly as it began, and I don’t remember about two-thirds of it presumably because if the drugs (at some point the doctor asked the nurse to give me another dose of the “cocktail”).

In no time, it was over. It took about an hour and a half for the drugs to wear off though. In that hour, I was very sleepy, we hit a grocery store, and I puked in the car (thank goodness for doggie poop bags in the glove compartment).

Once we were home, DW pampered me with unlimited fetches, and hit up three more grocery stores to get things that I wanted/needed.

The pain has been on and off since we’ve been home. Mostly a stabbing pain that comes on randomly, but it also hurts a lot when I pee and poop. Sudden movements are risky as well. So today, I’ve been a couch potato, and have run out of PVR’d shows to watch.

Here are today’s stats:

21 mature eggs were retrieved (they didn’t bother with the smaller ones).

7 will be used for old-school fertilization (put egg and sperm in a room and see if they hit it off)
12 will be used for ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection)
2 were deemed low quality

Tomorrow we find out how many fertilized!

24 thoughts on “Egg Retrieval!

  1. Hi, just stopping by to say good luck, my wife and I went through the same thing. Hope everything goes well 🙂

  2. I’m hoping that the amount of eggs you have will mean more chance of baby in the belly soon! Can’t wait to continue to see you through this journey! Good luck and I’m sending you the lucky baby dust while I cheer you on from my corner of the world!

  3. Amazing, 19! Woohooo! That is more than 6 times what we had. You’ll surely get DW pregnant with those and possibly get half a dozen siblings later on. Fingers crossed for great blastos. Will they culture all of them to day 5 and then freeze the ones you don’t need or will they put the rest on ice right after fertilization?
    Take good care of yourself, drink and rest a lot.

    • Thanks Fried. They will culture all to day 5 (or as far as they make it), then freeze. I’m a little stressed though, as they convinced me to have 1/3 fertilized the regular IVF way, and 2/3 by ICSI. I’m not sure that ICSI was the best choice to fertilize the majority of our eggs. We’d rather have Mother Nature do as much selection as she can. Oh well.

  4. At first I thought so, too. Now I believe ICSI is the superior method. It increases fertilization rates a lot, so less waste of potentially good eggs that could become healthy embryos.

    I researched if there was a higher incidence of birth defects/or miscarriages, because it made sense to me that hand-picking a sperm would be inferior to the natural selection, since the tech who does it only relies on some morphological characteristics. Well it seems true that IVF and ICSI both have higer rates of that than natural conception, but there was no difference between IVF and ICSI and the overall validity of the studies that exist is low because people who conceive by artificial means have limited comparability to those who do it au naturell.

    • Good to know. This child hasn’t even implanted and I’m already guilt-tripping myself over my decisions. Lol. Thanks for the peace of mind. I just got the fertilization report. Will post about it in a sec.

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