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Fertilization Report

So as you know, I elected for 7 ova to be fertilized the old fashioned IVF way:

(Photo from: http://m.123rf.com/photo-23226463_ovum-and-spermatozoon-fertilization.html)

And 12 ova to be fertilized via ICSI:

(Photo from: http://www.sisuhospital.org/icsi.php)

The embryologist called this morning to inform me of our fertilization results:

Of the 7 ova to be fertilized via IVF:
4 fertilized
2 were abnormal
1 had 2 sperm fertilize it –> abnormal

Of the 14 ova to be fertilized via ICSI:
10 fertilized
2 were immature
2 did not fertilize

So in total, we have 14 zygotes!

12 thoughts on “Fertilization Report

    • Well, from what I’ve read, 70% of those fertilized zygotes actually cleave (so 14×0.7= 9.8, and then only half of those make it to the blastocyst stage (9.8×0.5= 4.9). So we may only get 4 or 5 good ones in the end. We will need 4 for sure- because transferring 2 into DW only has a 60% chance of producing a baby, and we want me to carry the next child if we are successful with the first one. The numbers are kind of depressing, but like the Hunger Games motto- “May the odds be ever in [our] favour”. Lol

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