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Ugh. Cars.

So we live in the ‘burbs and pretty much can’t go about our working days without two cars. Today we found out that our trusty 1995 Volvo needed 4000 dollars of repair work done to its exhaust system (rusted because of the damn Toronto winters and over salting). We knew this day would come- where the cost of repairing it doesn’t seem worth the value of the car.

So now we’re vehicle shopping. DW thinks we need a minivan. I too, think a minivan would be nice for the storage capacity and roominess, but I am hesitant to cross over to being a minivan owner. I’m sure I won’t care once I see how useful they are for carting around babies and dogs and stuff all at the same time, but right now it kinda freaks me out.

The vehicle we are looking for needs to:
– be able to comfortably fit two kids
– be able to comfortably fit two dogs
– have room for everyone’s stuff (luggage/food/coolers/cottage stuff/a hockey bag)
– be reliable
– not be ugly
– be easy to park
– be affordable

So I mistakenly posted a “suggestions for minivan recommendations” on FB, and now the wife is kinda mad at me because it has created some suspicion among our friends that our family is growing. She wants to keep everything super secretive until like 14 weeks, but I just had a problem that I wanted advice on and I have a lot of FB friends to speak to minivan experience- both with and without children.

Anyway, there seems to be a lot of minivan hate out there. A lot of people telling me that I can find an SUV that can meet my needs. But what I’m finding to be the piece that is most difficult to satisfy is the darn dogs. We could get an SUV, if we just had two kids and stuff, but where do the dogs go?

Anyway, I would love some advice on vehicles you like which might suit my needs.

Thanks in advance!

13 thoughts on “Ugh. Cars.

  1. I don’t have a car so I have no suggestions. But I remember relentlessly teasing my sister when she “graduated” to being a minivan owner. She has 4 children though…so it’s a necessity!

  2. I wish I had advice for you! Your post had just made me rethink what we’ll get. We have FOUR dogs. We usually put them in the back seat and they’re fine on our short trips. But what about a baby? YIKES.

    It does seem like a minivan would suit you best. You need something with a third row and space behind it. Maybe a folding third row?

  3. My wife and I have a prius. Our one dog can fit in the backseat or in the back (it’s a hatchback so it’s not like the pup is very isolated). I have no idea about what carseats require.

  4. We have two dogs and will eventually have two kids. We have a small SUV and a Civic right now. Normally we could all fit in the SUV, but for things like camping it wouldn’t work, so we are going to get a pickup one of these days. I personally couldn’t do the minivan thing, only because of what it means where we live. I have developed a strong bias against them. Bigger SUV’s are pretty big though. I have friends with a Durango and it’s just as big as a minivan. Good luck in the search.

  5. I could be wrong, but I think most SUVs that hold that much cargo use a lot more fuel than most minivans. Not sure if that’s one of your variables, but SUVs have a much higher suspension which dramatically reduces efficiency.

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