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Who Would’ve Thought That a Faint Pink Line

Could make me do a happy dance?!!?

DW peed on a stick this morn. We waited the recommended five minutes and low and behold….

She is pregnant!

The big dog looked at me weird this morning, as if I were to blame for knocking up her mom (actually, yes, yes I am! I paid for it with my VISA didn’t I?)

Tomorrow is the blood bHCG test, and then another repeat two days after that. No official celebrations until I get the good word on Friday….

Any suggestions on how to celebrate?

23 thoughts on “Who Would’ve Thought That a Faint Pink Line

  1. Not o be a debbie downer but did you make sure you tested out your trigger? I had a false BFP at 10 DPO because there was still residual HCG left in my system. If it is real CONGRATS AND BIG HUGS!!!!!!!!!

  2. YAY!!! I had a really good feeling for you guys. With awesome embies like you had and her feeling them burrowing. This is AWESOME!

    Celebration ideas? Hugs, jumping up and down screaming…more hugs. And a trip to Babies ‘r’ Us just to see what you have to look forward to!


  3. Yay!! Congrats ladies, such amazing news! To celebrate we went on holidays but anything involving being together is great šŸ™‚

  4. CONGRATS!!!!!! When I got my BFP last weekend I so took a trip to baby-r-us and left with items for myself lol (chocolate bar for mummies, teas, candy… all supposed to help with any symptoms if they arise).

  5. Oh My ….. That’s so amazing. I was waiting for this update. I hope your betas yield great results!

    Our celebration was just lots of hugging, kissing and declarations of neverending love šŸ™‚

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