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Back in the Game FET #2

I haven’t been blogging much for a couple of reasons:

1. Work is kind of hellish right now, and my grandma once said to me: if you’ve got nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.
2. Ball hockey season has begun, and between weekend tournaments and twice weekly games, I have zero extra time.
3. Nothing has been really happening in terms of our Gayby-making agenda…. Til now.

2014 has consisted of a whole lot of waiting so far. In fact, almost half a year of waiting. First, it was waiting for DW to have two menstrual cycles after her miscarriage, then it was waiting for her weird post-car-accident bleeding to pass, and then another period. Well, 5 months later, here we are.

DW finally bled on April 23rd, started Estrace 3x per day on April 25th, and adds prometrium and endometrin 3x per day as of tomorrow May 8th.

Finally, our 5-day blastocysts move in on Monday, May 12th.

We are very excited, but a little guarded about our emotions.

You’ll probably hear more from me soon!

15 thoughts on “Back in the Game FET #2

  1. Hello! Thank you for keeping your blog, I’ve been reading it for a couple of months because my partner and I are starting our first IVF. It’s been great to read stories of other lesbian couples TTC. My transfer is scheduled for May 31st! I’ll be thinking about you. Please check out my blog at willingtobedazzled.blogspot.com.

  2. H! Thanks for reading my blog! I’m so excited to start connecting to other bloggers 🙂 Yes, I’m Italian and my partner’s from Korea, but we’re doing reciprocal IVF, using her eggs but I’ll be the one carrying, so we found an Italian-American donor. This was really important to us; if we were using my eggs, we’d definitely want a Korean donor so a baby would hopefully resemble both of us. How about you guys?

    • We have a very similar set-up as you two. I’m Chinese and the egg donor, and my wife is a Caucasian mutt and is carrying. We chose a donor with a similar mixed heritage as her. Yay for happa (mixed) babies! Good luck 🙂

  3. Thank you! Your baby will be beautiful. I’ll be following you! Please follow my blog if you’re interested, I’m excited to finally have started it now that we’re on our way!

  4. Thank you! I couldn’t decide whether to use google or wordpress. I kind of wish I’d used wordpress because e sharing is easier. We start stimulation next week so I’ll be writing more. Have a great weekend.

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