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Embryo Transfer #2

So here are the stats:

Weather: beautiful sunny and warm day (20 degrees Celsius)

Uterine Lining: 12.7 mm (as measured by “wrong hole” ultrasound tech)

Acupuncture was done before (on the car ride to the clinic) and after (while resting in the lounge chair) transfer by moi.

Pineapple eating started yesterday.

Embryos: Two 5-day blastocysts transferred: one AB, one BB

Here they are:


Here’s them coming down the waterslide (catheter):


And here’s them resting in Darling Wife’s wonderful womb:


After the transfer, we went for some 9am Korean food: Gamjatang! We both love this pork bone soup so much, and hope that the embabies like it enough to stay 🙂

14 thoughts on “Embryo Transfer #2

  1. Wow this is happening already! I’ll be thinking about you. Beautiful embroys. Also, I moved my blog to Word Press because people had trouble following it at google, so if you want something to read please check it out: floatalittle.wordpress.com.

  2. Great pictures of the blasts, I always feel they look like some sort of diamonds. Only 5-7 days until test time, right? Will you POAS or wait for blood tests?
    Sending sticky thoughts!

    • They do look like diamonds don’t they? Strangely enough, the clinic has booked her in for 12 days post 5-day blast transfer…. Which I find strange because last time they did it at 10 days post 5-day blast transfer. Also- they want her to go in for BW on Saturday (6 days post transfer) to check her progesterone levels. I think this is good, but they didn’t do this last time. I’m wondering if they suspect that last FET’s loss could have been due to progesterone malabsorption? Anyway, fingers crossed all the way. We test on May 24. DW doesn’t want to POAS beforehand, as she found the whole process too nerve wracking. Now my challenge is secretly obtaining a urine sample at about 10 days post transfer….. Lol.

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