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Having Babies in Uncertain Times

I used to be a doctor. I still carry the designation, but no longer practice. Specifically, was a chiropractor, and while I loved treating patients, I loathed the managing of staff and running my own business. Often times, I found myself treating people for free, simply because I am a bleeding heart. Things then shifted for me because in order to keep my private practice afloat, I also did independent medical exams for insurance companies, which was incredible money, but I felt like I was working for the devil. It felt dirty, and I felt like I had sold my soul. On top of these two jobs, I was also teaching part-time at the university. I loved this, and was exceptionally good at this, but could not get a full-time teaching position. After three years of juggling these roles, I realized that I needed a change. I was exhausted, demoralized, and never got to see my wife.

When I met my wife, she had already been teaching high school full-time for 3 years. We met just as things started to reach critical in terms of my stress level.

After one year of being together, I decided to take a leap of faith and go back to school to get my B. Ed. Job prospects were already slim to none at the time, but I had always been passionate about teaching, and getting that degree would open my opportunities to include teaching secondary school in addition to teaching post-secondary.

So I did it, and within three months of graduating teachers college, I was offered a permanent contract with a public school board. This is highly unusual. In fact, my case is an outlier.

That was almost two years ago, and now, my job might be at risk if a new government party comes into power.

Less than a week PUPO, and I’m anxious and worried about how DW and I will be able to support our family if the worst case scenario becomes our reality.

8 thoughts on “Having Babies in Uncertain Times

  1. Oh, do I feel you on this – both a job being at the whim of a political turnover (although I’m at a private non profit, I work directly with public schools and so my ability to do my work and get funded is directly correlated to what is happening in local school districts) and getting/trying to get knocked up when things are financially uncertain. Sending you understanding and hope that the best thing happens. (also that you are not just PUPO but also just plain P!)

  2. That party doesn’t have my vote. Honestly, bad stuff can happen at any time. There is never a “perfect” time to have a baby. You will make it work, if it comes to that. But I have faith that it won’t!

  3. I agree with Lindsay! Don’t wait til the perfect time, hopefully this won’t happen, but if something – worst case – happens, stress won’t make it go away, but you two will get through it!

  4. I feel this. I also have confusion about having a baby rathe than adopting. My partner was adopted from a Korean orphanage when she was a year old. Why spend so much money, time and resources having a baby biologically when so many need to be adopted? Why use up our Earth’s resources and all our money doing IVF? What it comes down to though is that I want to be pregnant and we want my beautiful, amazing girlfriend to have a biological relative for the first time in her life. For you I’m sure the reasons are personal and valid and I’m behind you 100%.

      • We’re doing well. Just trying to make time go faster! Two week waits are tough…. I’ve managed to convince the wife to pee on a stick for me tomorrow though, which is exciting! How are the injections coming along? Surprisingly, I actually didn’t mind that part…. The egg retrieval however, was the worst!

  5. Just read your post. It’s so nerve-wracking but I hope ends up being good news. I read on my clinic’s website that she should do the HPT around 3pm when her pee is less concentrated.

    Injections are going well, my partner had bloodwork and ultrasound this morning and we saw how much her follicles have grown only four days of stimulation! She has bruises on her belly but she’s really chill and hasn’t even complained. Thanks for asking!

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