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Casa Wilhelmina

When DW’s grandmother passed away 8 years ago, her immediate family (her, her brother, and her parents) bought a cottage with their inheritance. Of the 3 groups of us, we use it the least. My in-laws are retired, and aim to spend as much of the summer there as possible, and my brother-in-law has 3 rambunctious kidlets who love swimming and exploring. However, him and his wife bought their own cottage last year, which frees up the cottage tremendously. Also, I will not be teaching summer session this year, so I will have all of July and August off…. Sorta.

DW will be teaching 4 weeks of summer school, and I will be taking a month-long extra certification which requires 5-6 hours of daily logged-in online time. So, we’ll be busy.

All I need is to figure out how to get internet at the cottage and then I’m all good….

Anyhow, we plan to relax there soon!


7 thoughts on “Casa Wilhelmina

  1. With all the stress you’ve been under in the last months this sounds like the perfect plan to gather more strength, reconnect and get into the right state for the next tries. Enjoy your time off!

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