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Gorgeous Babies Everywhere!

I’m at that age (32), where everyone around me is having babies. One of my closest colleagues (who I would consider to be a friend as well) gave birth last Friday. I was one of the first to know she was pregnant (when she was about 5-6 weeks along, getting her first bout of nausea), and have been there with her almost every day, throughout her pregnancy. She gave birth to two huge (7 and 6 lbs) and beautiful twin boys at 37 weeks, just before her scheduled induction with the OBGYN. She had acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments, and a sweep and stretch to successfully bring on labour. Her boys are beautiful, and are so chubby that they look like 6 month olds already!

Another blogger friend and many Facebook friends have recently delivered their babies as well. And I’m noticing that this wave of babies are exceptionally cute!

Lunchroom chatter at work has been difficult, given that babies and conception have been a common theme. Nobody at work knows that we have been struggling to conceive for over a year now, and they’re all having pissing contests over how fertile they each are. One woman even said that she can’t even look at her husband for fear that she’ll get pregnant. The worst are the pity conversations that they have about people who are having fertility problems. Things like “it makes me feel so bad that they’ve been trying for years and I got pregnant on the first try both times…”, or “Yeah, but they’ll have so much money if they don’t have kids”. People at work call DW and I “DINKS” : double income no kids, and treat us like we’re rolling in dough. Little do they know that we’ve spent over $30, 000 this year on IUIs, IVF, FETs, medications, and investigations. It’s gotten to the point where I have to excuse myself and sit alone to eat my lunch.

Anyway, despite my personal sadness over no baby success so far, I am pleased that I feel extremely happy for all of those around me who have been fortunate enough to get pregnant, stay pregnant, and bring life into this world. It gives me hope that perhaps we can be lucky someday too.

10 thoughts on “Gorgeous Babies Everywhere!

  1. I have so much hope for you, too. Just a good feeling for you that you’ll be welcoming your cute little bundle someday.

    I’m sure your coworkers would be mortified over the things they’ve said if they knew you were struggling. I wish people would be a little more sensitive about these topics. It makes me uncomfortable to hear people talking that way “Oh, I feel so bad for xyz” etc..I always try to steer the conversation because we just never know who is struggling with fertility issues.

    • Thanks. I hope so too. Our FET isn’t for at least another month, so our “chance” seems non-existent right now.

      Yeah, I take an approach similar to yours. I always have the quote about everybody having a struggle you know nothing about… In the back of my mind. It’s sort of made me be a little more of an introvert in a way too. Lol

    • I know right?! In the back of my mind I’m thinking, “DINKS? Not by choice…. *sigh*”. Unfortunately, I’m somewhat introverted and confrontation gives me anxiety, so I usually take a passive approach. It drives DW crazy, having to defend me all the time lol.

  2. Oi. That’s rough! Sorry you are going through all this stress at work. I am sure they would be horrified if they knew the repercussions of their words. People tend to ‘think’ they are empathetic to another person’s plight, until they are faced with someone who actually has that plight. Hope things get better for you soon – and I know you guys will get your turn, its coming! I can feel it.

  3. I’m really hoping your baby is just around the corner. I’m like you, I wouldn’t say anything either, but I can’t imagine having to hear stuff like that all the time. Pity conversations are certainly the worst. Fingers and toes crossed for your FET.

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