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Quick Note About World Pride Fashion

High-waisted (but butt-cheek baring) mom shorts are back in fashion. Especially paired with crop tops, and a faux side-shave. Oh, and deck shoes. Lots of deck shoes.

I too, was guilty of wearing deck shoes.

While I badly want to be a mom, I hope I never find myself in high-waisted shorty mom shorts.

11 thoughts on “Quick Note About World Pride Fashion

  1. LOL – I have the deck shoes, too. But you won’t ever catch me in those shorty mom shorts OR have a half shaved head. Oh, lesbians….

    How was Pride, anyway? Did you go to the beer garden?

    • Sure did! I was kind of hoping it would be a little different being “World Pride” and all, but it was kind of the same old. It was nice bumping into friends though, but $8 drinks!!! Wtf!?!? We then ventured to the Palais, which was particularly white-haired this year….. But good for fireworks and a nice view of the lake. Have you been out and about in any festivities so far?

  2. I’m never shaving my head or wearing high waisted anything. Deck shoes don’t seem too bad though, but I’m still a birkenstock kind of a girl.

      • Ehm no, those sandals are a violation of fashion laws. There’s a reason we’re exporting them, we wanna get rid of them. And I’ll hand over my toaster, now 🙂
        Of course mom butt cheeks are way worse. Cheeks are only acceptable on strapping young gays on parade floats who work out +6 hours a week.

  3. I really don’t understand the high waist trend. It really doesn’t look good on 99% of the population. But what are deck shoes? I’m going to have to go search it and find out.

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