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10 Things I Learned About Myself at World Pride

1. I have amazing face recognition skills. I remember the faces (and names) of people I played hockey and soccer with and against about 10 years ago. I also happened to awkwardly bump into them at a beer garden… And it’s awkward remembering people and them not remember you. I promise it’s just my extremely good memory for social things.

2. My feet need to be toughened up quite a bit before I can stand around at a beer garden for 6 hours.

3. My ears are very sensitive and don’t like loud speakers (or loud talkers). They physically felt like they were being assaulted.

4. Shade is good. I am not from the squash family- I do not need full sun.

5. I only have eyes for my wife. Seriously, she is the most beautiful, sexy, and fiercely tough woman out there. And that’s just at-a-glance. I mean really, who can pull off a rice picker hat?!


6. Despite my Asian-ness, I am quite able to tolerate large amounts of alcohol- AND I do not turn red at all! At $8 per drink- that makes for a frustrating expensive beer garden.

7. Mosquitoes don’t seem to bother me as much when I’m drunk (usually I’m terrified of them).

8. Despite going to bed at 3am, my body will still wake up at 6:20 am. On. The. Dot.

9. I cannot handle 2 big events on the same day. I’m such a doddler that I end up not even making it to the second event.

10. I am so very lucky to have the forever friends that I have.

Happy World Pride Toronto!


4 thoughts on “10 Things I Learned About Myself at World Pride

  1. You two are such a beautiful couple!

    I didn’t end up going to any Pride festivities. I mistakenly thought it was *last* weekend, hence my previous thinking that my parents would be available for babysitting.

    Of course, I did have several twinges of guilt of not even bothering to take Evelyn to the Family Pride area. Maybe next year, if I can manage to talk myself into dealing with the crowds and a toddler! I used to love Pride, especially when I could drink myself silly in the beer garden.

    PS – I have the same internal alarm clock. Even when hell freezes over and Evie “sleeps in”, I’m still up before the sun!

  2. I have that same memory thing going on. I think people think I remember them because they are/were very important to me and then they feel awkward. I just have fly paper brain, as my wife calls it. Now sometimes I pretend I don’t recognize people so they don’t have to feel so weird.

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