3 More Days….

Today was DW’s first official day of summer! We spent the day downtown, hitting up our favourite spots.

The day started at Body Blitz, a women’s water spa, where we relaxed in the Dead Sea salt water pool, eucalyptus steam room, infrared sauna, cold plunge, and hot Epsom salt pool. We sipped on shakes, and then were treated to 60 minute massages concurrently. It was delightful! Body Blitz is one of our favourite de-stressing places, and in anticipation of a hopeful pregnancy, we figured that we’d have one last dip in the pools before our FET.

Then we headed to the Distillery District, which is where we were married almost four years ago. We walked around, checking out the occasional store, and stopped at our favourite chocolatier, Soma Chocolates, which also makes amazing gelato. We shared three flavours: toasted almond, pistachio, and pear sorbet. They were each to die for.

At the Distillery, there was a cute art instillation, made up of some welded metal spelling out “LOVE” and decorated with metal locks with initials, hearts, and dates inscribed on them.



Afterwards, we went for lunch at our favourite Vietnamese restaurant, which is kind of a dive, but has delicious authentic food from Hanoi. We make an excuse to eat here almost every time we head downtown.


The restaurant is in old Chinatown, so it was convenient for me to grab some Chinese herbs prescribed by my TCM doctor colleague. I love the organization of the various herbs that they carry. So many drawers!


Afterwards, we went to a doggy boutique and bought some special treats for our girls.

On our way home, we got stuck in traffic, and then got REAR-ENDED at an intersection. Yeah… Sucks. So tomorrow we need to bring it into the body shop…. For the 3rd time this year.

Other than that, it was a perfect day!

5 More Days… And Gluten-Free Crepes!

Today’s Uterine Lining: 9.5mm

BIG update: Our FET is scheduled for Sunday, August 3rd at 6:50 am! One day ahead of what I had anticipated. So instead of being 6 days until the transfer, we’ve got 5 days….

It’s with another doctor, which I’m neither thrilled nor disappointed about.

I reduce my Estrace to 2mg twice a day (down from three times a day), and start taking vaginal Endometrin three times a day, and oral Prometrium three capsules at bedtime. This is when the Calvin Kleins get really sloppy.

I have a massage booked for tonight, and tomorrow I’ve got an acupuncture appointment with a colleague that I used to teach with at the chiropractic college. I also have my last ball hockey game tomorrow night. At least I’m hoping it’s my last 🙂

DW and I made gluten-free crepes for dinner last night (we love having breakfast for dinner), and they were amazing!

The recipe for the crepes themselves are from Gluten Free on a Shoestring

They were so good that they made DW remember her Oma, Wilhelmina, who used to make crepes with butter and brown sugar.

So last night, we made gluten-free crepes à la Wilhelmina.

1. Make crepes
2. While crepes are still hot, butter on one side
3. Sprinkle brown sugar over the buttered surface
4. Roll up
5. Enjoy!


8? More Days

So I’m sitting in our front living room, little dog cuddled into me, with a nice homemade chai tea latte in hand. The windows are open, and there is a light breeze making its way through the house. “Waking up with bossa nova” is playing in the background (Songza playlist), and I’m having the most perfect morning. Even better, my body is experiencing that perfect mix of muscle soreness and light exhaustion that only comes the day after a physical achievement (yesterday’s hockey tournament).

Prior to this magical moment, I got up early to beat the weekend morning chaos at the fertility clinic. I had blood and ultrasound done, and I have to go back again on Tuesday for the same. My lining is 8.9 mm thick right now. They want it at 12 mm at a minimum before the FET. I’m sure it will get there, but now I’m not so sure of when the FET will be. Apparently it’s not always on day 20.

There is something I kind of want to rant about, but I’ll save that for another day.

Anyway, we had a great day at the breast cancer charity tournament yesterday. We won 2 games and lost our last one, which was against a much better team that had come in third in the top division.


10 More Days

So we’ve been super busy lately. DW has been teaching summer school for the past month, and we’ve both been taking an online course that has been the bane of our existence for the last 4 weeks. It’s an online course that requires us to be busy for 6 hours a day online, which actually has been more like 8 hours of extremely painful busy work. I’ve been complaining everyday that we haven’t been able to veg on the couch to watch the shows that we like because we’ve been working until 10pm most days. It totally sucks. People think teachers have the summer off, but they don’t realize all of the other crap we have to do.

The online course ends today (thank goodness), and I’m subbing for another teacher’s grade 11 physics class in a neighbouring city. Remember how I mentioned that my home school had rough kids? Yeah, well today confirms that even more. These kids are so polite and have good learning skills. My home school had so many rude and disrespectful students, and I was working so hard that I seriously hated my life. And I’m a hard worker by nature. Oh well. I’ve successfully transferred to an alternative school for next year, working with students with cognitive learning disabilities, which I’m very good with.

Wednesday is DW’s last day at summer school, so Thursday will be our first official day of summer vacation! This means that we will have four days to chillax before the transfer, and almost month to relax in total.

I spoke to my endocrinologist whose lab results (more reliable than the one used by the fertility clinic), and my TSH is 1.12. What a difference from the 1.67 reported by the fertility clinic, even though the tests were done within 24 hours of each other! Anyway, she said that my levels of TSH are low enough that I don’t need to increase my dose until the day after the transfer. This regime of meds is gonna get CRAZY. As it stands right now, my 14 cell pill organizer is already insufficient for my needs. I need a pill case modelled after an excel document. Shiieet!

Anyway, I asked DW to join me on a date tonight. Our plan is to see the new Scarlet Johannson movie, Lucy, and then go out for dinner. I have been somewhat indifferent to dining out lately, since we have so much amazing organic food growing in our garden.

Pictures to follow this weekend.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Can someone please explain to me how my neighbour’s trashy chain-smoking grandson gets his obese, also chain-smoking girlfriend pregnant by accident?

May I also mention that at what looks to be 7 months pregnant, she is still chain-smoking?!

Yet, my wife and I, both whole food eating, non-smoking, regularly exercising, healthy weight, and monthly ovulating have been trying for over a year, spent $30 000 out of pocket on fertility specialists, and are still not pregnant??!?!!!


13 More Days

Until FET #3. Let’s hope that all those sayings about third times are true!

I’m currently writing this post whilst exercising on a piece of cardio equipment at the gym. I’m sort of embarrassed not embarrassed to be one of those people who can’t seem to detach from their device. I usually make fun of those people and wait for their clumsy moment. They all have them. You just have to wait.

The truth is, that I find indoor cardio can be mind-numbing. Not always- I do enjoy my sprint sessions, but I’m trying to tone it down a bit with the workouts this week. As it stands, I’ve got two ball hockey games this week and an ice hockey tournament this weekend. From a Chinese Medicine perspective, I’m draining my blood Qi waaaaaaay too much and taxing my kidney, which is necessary for the embryo to thrive after implantation.

So yeah, elliptical only tonight!

Another weird thing that I noticed was that I’ve been really tired since I started the Estrace. After doing some research, I found that the Estrace and my Synthroid have a moderate interaction. I love how the RE is totally oblivious to this. I’m not sure if I should call my endocrinologist tomorrow and find out if I should increase my Synthroid dose. Before the introduction of Estrace, My TSH was at 1.67. I really don’t want it higher than that.

Any advice from you thyroid-challenged ladies who have also taken Estrace?

In other news, the Estrace is making a mess in my pants. It’s like a foam party, except someone has switched out foam for egg whites. I’m sorry if you just puked a little in your mouth. Nevermind, I’m not sorry. It’s my crotch that should be apologized to. And my silky Calvin Klein underwear.

And my wife, who just got Invisiline last week. If you don’t know what it is, look it up. She’s been excited about getting them in for months. Until of course, they made little “hooks” on her teeth from composite filling material to secure them on. All she has to do is smile and the dogs cower with their tail between their legs. It’s making her eat less (“best diet ever”, she says), I haven’t had to cook for us in days (I’ve been subsisting on protein shakes and the same crockpot of soup for a few days), and she sounds like a teenager when she talks.

Fun times.

Thirteen more days until my body is no longer my own. The countdown begins!

FET#3: Cycle Day 3

Had blood work and a full bladder and empty bladder ultrasounds today. I also started my 6mg of oral Estrace, and boy is it giving me a pounding headache!

I’ve got tons of work to do today, but instead, I’m laying in bed, with the blinds closed, and my iPad on the lowest brightness possible.

I hope this goes away quickly, as I have to take my next dose in 3 hours!
Fast-forward to 6pm, headache still ailing me. My lovely wife takes over my regular cooking shift and makes me a delicious bowl of gluten-free mac n cheese (plus a protein shake for good measure).

I have been in bed pretty much the entire day 😦

But at least I get served this in bed!


I’m the luckiest girl!