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Is home to me. I arrived last night and it has been absolute bliss so far, even though I miss DW and our fur babies like crazy.

It started off with using a West Jet Buddy Pass gifted to me annually by a very good friend of mine, who is an employee of the company. I paid about a quarter of the regular priced fare, and then got an entire row to myself!


Look at this view as we made our descent:


I definitely took this backdrop for granted my entire childhood. I didn’t realize how amazing the mountains were until I moved away.

Standing on almost any street, you have a decent view of the mountains.

We spent today (Canada Day) at Granville Island. We took the Aquabus from Yaletown, and on our boat was a cute interracial couple with their adorable mixed Asian-Caucasian baby. One of the women was also about 6 months pregnant. I felt really sad for a moment, but said to my mom, “Maybe you’ll have some grand-babies bring to Granville Island next year”. We then reminisced how lucky I was that we visited the market and fed the birds almost every week, and developed a really strong appreciation of art and the process of creating it (my mom is a painter as well). It makes me feel a bit bad that we will be raising our kids in the suburbs, where there isn’t an equivalent artist presence. Unfortunately, downtown Toronto is unaffordable for the space that we want. I could live on a small lot, or condo or loft, but DW would be miserable in high-density living. She needs her yard, as does the big dog. It’s one of the few things that we disagree on. It’s also something I could spend an entire post writing about.

At Granville Island we admired the work of many artisans. We chatted with some art enthusiasts. We bought some salmon jerky and maple syrup salmon bites. We picked out several appetizers: grilled whole artichokes, tomato bocconcini salad, and an amazing balsamic-olive spinach salad for lunch.

I love Haida art and bought a t-shirt with an eagle on it. I am still looking for the right Haida ring or earrings.

Then, we took the Aquabus back, and headed to our Chinese massages. I emphasized the Chinese aspect of the massage because it is a whole lot deeper (and somewhat painful), but very therapeutic. I had 2 amazing hours of massage, which I liken to being meat tenderized. It was amazing, and I will be returning again before I leave.

This evening we will be buying some fresh seafood straight from the fishermen/women who caught it, we will pick greens from my mom’s garden, and we will feast.

Pretty awesome mother-daughter day I’d say!



3 thoughts on “Vancouver

  1. Ahhh I miss Vancouver so much. I lived there from 2001-2005. In a way, I feel like I left a part of myself out there.

    I get massages often in Chinatown here, and I can second the “deeper and more painful” part. I’m usually sore for a day or two after. So, so worth it!

    I’m like you: I am a downtown girl. I live in the Annex and while my home is a heck of a lot smaller than it would be if I lived in the ‘burbs, I just can’t bring myself to live out that way.

    I hope you enjoy the rest of your time there! Post more pics!

      • Sarah (who was my partner at the time) and I moved to Vancouver together because we wanted to live on the West Coast. It was either there or LA. Thank *god* the immigration laws prevented us from moving to LA.

        We eventually moved here to Toronto because Sarah got into law school here. I had actually considered staying in Vancouver and we would do the long-distance thing, but I couldn’t bear the thought of living without her, so I came, too.

        Maybe our paths have crossed before! Seems we were destined to be friends. 🙂

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