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FET#3: Cycle Day 3

Had blood work and a full bladder and empty bladder ultrasounds today. I also started my 6mg of oral Estrace, and boy is it giving me a pounding headache!

I’ve got tons of work to do today, but instead, I’m laying in bed, with the blinds closed, and my iPad on the lowest brightness possible.

I hope this goes away quickly, as I have to take my next dose in 3 hours!
Fast-forward to 6pm, headache still ailing me. My lovely wife takes over my regular cooking shift and makes me a delicious bowl of gluten-free mac n cheese (plus a protein shake for good measure).

I have been in bed pretty much the entire day 😦

But at least I get served this in bed!


I’m the luckiest girl!

4 thoughts on “FET#3: Cycle Day 3

    • Yes you are correct! I am on day 7. Just taking estrace 6mg daily, in preparation for the transfer, which will probably be on Aug 4 (day 20). I’ve been so busy with taking an online course (honestly, so much work!), that I haven’t really had a chance to do things like eat raw sushi and go to the water spa (things I want to do before getting pregnant) lol. But, I’ve been playing hockey twice a week, and have a tournament this weekend. Big question is how are YOU?

  1. I thought they would transfer on day 14, but of course with blasts it makes much more sense to do it a couple days later. Duh. But good that you’re busy, that’s much better than obsessing over all the things happening in the body. Even more so after transfer. Enjoy hockey and good luck for the competition this weekend. For me it’s really hard to not be able to do real sports, so take advantage of it as long as you can.
    ME, hugely preggers, sweating in the current summer heat and waiting. Kiddo seems very comfortable in there and likely to be late, according to the doc.

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