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13 More Days

Until FET #3. Let’s hope that all those sayings about third times are true!

I’m currently writing this post whilst exercising on a piece of cardio equipment at the gym. I’m sort of embarrassed not embarrassed to be one of those people who can’t seem to detach from their device. I usually make fun of those people and wait for their clumsy moment. They all have them. You just have to wait.

The truth is, that I find indoor cardio can be mind-numbing. Not always- I do enjoy my sprint sessions, but I’m trying to tone it down a bit with the workouts this week. As it stands, I’ve got two ball hockey games this week and an ice hockey tournament this weekend. From a Chinese Medicine perspective, I’m draining my blood Qi waaaaaaay too much and taxing my kidney, which is necessary for the embryo to thrive after implantation.

So yeah, elliptical only tonight!

Another weird thing that I noticed was that I’ve been really tired since I started the Estrace. After doing some research, I found that the Estrace and my Synthroid have a moderate interaction. I love how the RE is totally oblivious to this. I’m not sure if I should call my endocrinologist tomorrow and find out if I should increase my Synthroid dose. Before the introduction of Estrace, My TSH was at 1.67. I really don’t want it higher than that.

Any advice from you thyroid-challenged ladies who have also taken Estrace?

In other news, the Estrace is making a mess in my pants. It’s like a foam party, except someone has switched out foam for egg whites. I’m sorry if you just puked a little in your mouth. Nevermind, I’m not sorry. It’s my crotch that should be apologized to. And my silky Calvin Klein underwear.

And my wife, who just got Invisiline last week. If you don’t know what it is, look it up. She’s been excited about getting them in for months. Until of course, they made little “hooks” on her teeth from composite filling material to secure them on. All she has to do is smile and the dogs cower with their tail between their legs. It’s making her eat less (“best diet ever”, she says), I haven’t had to cook for us in days (I’ve been subsisting on protein shakes and the same crockpot of soup for a few days), and she sounds like a teenager when she talks.

Fun times.

Thirteen more days until my body is no longer my own. The countdown begins!

10 thoughts on “13 More Days

  1. OMG I think people who write TTC blogs should never, ever apologize for TMI or whatever nonsense. We all made blogs to talk about putting babies in our uteruses – its a dirty job, you know? My estrace is greeny blue and has made me consider that maybe this is the shade of cervical mucous a smurf might have. It could also be described as ‘seafoam’ green which is, somehow, poetic.
    I am also on synthroid and no one told me about a contraindication with estrace? The assholes! Mine was about where yours was when last checked. I guess maybe after I get a positive beta (see – when not if!) I’ll ask them to check my thyroid too!
    Finally – cardio equipment sux. I only ever run outside – even when its freezing and snowy. Running indoors makes me hate running and I don’t want to hate running, so I go outside. If updating wordpress keeps you sane, you should do it.

    • You are hilarious! Smurfs lol. YES- you should have your thyroid levels checked after you get your BFP. You’re supposed to increase your dose by about 20% as soon as you find out- due to increased demands of early pregnancy. How long will they have you on the estrace for?

  2. The TMI stuff helps those of us who are more shy learn stuff (I’m not in the foam/FET/thyroid camp, but if I were, this post would be very very useful to me).

    Also, I’m one of those people, that’s why I held off on getting a smart phone for so long (just got one this year). Also, I don’t have a data plan, so I can only be online with it when I’m at home or otherwise have wifi (I don’t have wifi at work). Doing that helps me resemble a passably social human being a bit more than I would otherwise.

  3. I’m also addicted to my smart phone. It’s a real problem and I tell myself allll the time Ill get better about putting it down and then I never do. Damnit!

    The foam thing did make me gag a little. But at the same time, I love “gross” things. I’ve even watched pimple popping videos on YouTube with a friend of mine who introduced me to the horror/pleasure of doing so.

    Can’t wait ’til your body has another little body growing within it!

  4. No Estrace experience here, but my endocrinologist always said that a lower TSH (around 1) is much better for conception according to studies. So unless you get side-effects from higher doses, I’d say go for it, and talk to them about an increase.

    (When we conceived I was at 0,09 with normal fT3/fT4, which later normalized without a change in meds to 0,7-1,2 currently.)

  5. Woo hoo on the countdown, it’ll be here before you know it. I agree about the indoor cardio, well any structured workout for me actually. I’m terrible at “working out” I’d much rather go for a hike or play some basketball, bike ride.

    • I’m the same way. That’s why I play hockey. I’m so focused on the game that I don’t realize that I’ve done 45 minutes of high intensity interval training lol.

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