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Can someone please explain to me how my neighbour’s trashy chain-smoking grandson gets his obese, also chain-smoking girlfriend pregnant by accident?

May I also mention that at what looks to be 7 months pregnant, she is still chain-smoking?!

Yet, my wife and I, both whole food eating, non-smoking, regularly exercising, healthy weight, and monthly ovulating have been trying for over a year, spent $30 000 out of pocket on fertility specialists, and are still not pregnant??!?!!!


18 thoughts on “Mind-Boggling

  1. I’m sorry, life really isn’t fair. Being a teenager in possession of alcohol seems to be the best way to become pregnancy it seems.

    About smoking while pregnant: some doctors don’t push women to quit smoking while pregnant as the nicotine withdrawal can cause enough stress to hurt the baby, it’s best to quit before getting pregnant or something idk. At least that’s what someone explained to me once.

  2. I know exactly what you mean. My baby was in the NICU with really serious health issues, and I would see pregnant woman outside the hospital smoking and just feel like how is that fair? I did everything right, and my baby was born struggling to breath, with a huge list of health issues, and then people who have no regard for their unborn babies get pregnant like that! Not fair!

  3. That sucks! I can’t imagine that is easy to watch. My sister was popping kids out left and right while we were thinking about it. I hope you guys will get your turn soon!!!

    As for the smoking, I smoked while pregnant, my doc told me not to quit completely because it could shock my body and stress the baby, however, I did cut back a lot and have been smoke free since the day my daughter was born!

  4. Someone I went to School with smoked and drank through all 6 of her pregnancies, She now has 6 (what seem to be healthy kids) and leaves them every weekend so she can go out Friday- Monday drinking. She’s never worked, never been in a seriously relationship and gets almost £700 a week in government money!

    Some people just take what they have for granted!

    I hope your time comes soon.

    • Thanks. Those poor kids. It just shows how much fertility is governed by genetics and age. Makes me wonder why the hell I bothered to quit drinking coffee, if it doesn’t seem to matter.

  5. Argh, YES, so unfair. I always glare really badly at such people.
    I never heard about a recommendation not to stop smoking completely and immediately, that must be a regional thing.

  6. I recently started working with a daily pot smoking heroin addicted stripper who smokes maybe a pack of day while also wearing a nicotine patch and drinking soda all day. She’s 5 months pregnant. It HURTS me to be nice to her.

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