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10 More Days

So we’ve been super busy lately. DW has been teaching summer school for the past month, and we’ve both been taking an online course that has been the bane of our existence for the last 4 weeks. It’s an online course that requires us to be busy for 6 hours a day online, which actually has been more like 8 hours of extremely painful busy work. I’ve been complaining everyday that we haven’t been able to veg on the couch to watch the shows that we like because we’ve been working until 10pm most days. It totally sucks. People think teachers have the summer off, but they don’t realize all of the other crap we have to do.

The online course ends today (thank goodness), and I’m subbing for another teacher’s grade 11 physics class in a neighbouring city. Remember how I mentioned that my home school had rough kids? Yeah, well today confirms that even more. These kids are so polite and have good learning skills. My home school had so many rude and disrespectful students, and I was working so hard that I seriously hated my life. And I’m a hard worker by nature. Oh well. I’ve successfully transferred to an alternative school for next year, working with students with cognitive learning disabilities, which I’m very good with.

Wednesday is DW’s last day at summer school, so Thursday will be our first official day of summer vacation! This means that we will have four days to chillax before the transfer, and almost month to relax in total.

I spoke to my endocrinologist whose lab results (more reliable than the one used by the fertility clinic), and my TSH is 1.12. What a difference from the 1.67 reported by the fertility clinic, even though the tests were done within 24 hours of each other! Anyway, she said that my levels of TSH are low enough that I don’t need to increase my dose until the day after the transfer. This regime of meds is gonna get CRAZY. As it stands right now, my 14 cell pill organizer is already insufficient for my needs. I need a pill case modelled after an excel document. Shiieet!

Anyway, I asked DW to join me on a date tonight. Our plan is to see the new Scarlet Johannson movie, Lucy, and then go out for dinner. I have been somewhat indifferent to dining out lately, since we have so much amazing organic food growing in our garden.

Pictures to follow this weekend.

Have a great weekend everyone!

4 thoughts on “10 More Days

  1. I’ve been determined to grow an organic garden after this summer heat subsides. Never grown anything and only keep succulents alive so it’ll be interesting. Happy date night!

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