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8? More Days

So I’m sitting in our front living room, little dog cuddled into me, with a nice homemade chai tea latte in hand. The windows are open, and there is a light breeze making its way through the house. “Waking up with bossa nova” is playing in the background (Songza playlist), and I’m having the most perfect morning. Even better, my body is experiencing that perfect mix of muscle soreness and light exhaustion that only comes the day after a physical achievement (yesterday’s hockey tournament).

Prior to this magical moment, I got up early to beat the weekend morning chaos at the fertility clinic. I had blood and ultrasound done, and I have to go back again on Tuesday for the same. My lining is 8.9 mm thick right now. They want it at 12 mm at a minimum before the FET. I’m sure it will get there, but now I’m not so sure of when the FET will be. Apparently it’s not always on day 20.

There is something I kind of want to rant about, but I’ll save that for another day.

Anyway, we had a great day at the breast cancer charity tournament yesterday. We won 2 games and lost our last one, which was against a much better team that had come in third in the top division.


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