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3 More Days….

Today was DW’s first official day of summer! We spent the day downtown, hitting up our favourite spots.

The day started at Body Blitz, a women’s water spa, where we relaxed in the Dead Sea salt water pool, eucalyptus steam room, infrared sauna, cold plunge, and hot Epsom salt pool. We sipped on shakes, and then were treated to 60 minute massages concurrently. It was delightful! Body Blitz is one of our favourite de-stressing places, and in anticipation of a hopeful pregnancy, we figured that we’d have one last dip in the pools before our FET.

Then we headed to the Distillery District, which is where we were married almost four years ago. We walked around, checking out the occasional store, and stopped at our favourite chocolatier, Soma Chocolates, which also makes amazing gelato. We shared three flavours: toasted almond, pistachio, and pear sorbet. They were each to die for.

At the Distillery, there was a cute art instillation, made up of some welded metal spelling out “LOVE” and decorated with metal locks with initials, hearts, and dates inscribed on them.



Afterwards, we went for lunch at our favourite Vietnamese restaurant, which is kind of a dive, but has delicious authentic food from Hanoi. We make an excuse to eat here almost every time we head downtown.


The restaurant is in old Chinatown, so it was convenient for me to grab some Chinese herbs prescribed by my TCM doctor colleague. I love the organization of the various herbs that they carry. So many drawers!


Afterwards, we went to a doggy boutique and bought some special treats for our girls.

On our way home, we got stuck in traffic, and then got REAR-ENDED at an intersection. Yeah… Sucks. So tomorrow we need to bring it into the body shop…. For the 3rd time this year.

Other than that, it was a perfect day!

12 thoughts on “3 More Days….

  1. Um, your description of the spa just made me crave a hot epsom salt tub SO BAD . . .things to dream about. . . .

  2. You were right by my workplace in Chinatown! I work at Spadina & College (CAMH building). Your day sounds perfect…minus the accident!! I love Body Blitz, too. Haven’t been in like 2.5 years now…miss it!

      • No baby in sight. Seems like you might be getting that BFP *fingers crossed* before I am no longer pregnant. I’ll be thinking of you guys tomorrow.

      • Lol. No problem. I knew it was you. I guess the little man is too comfortable in there, and I bet he is nicely fattening up! Do they do mandatory inductions in Germany?

    • They strongly encourage induction at a) 14 days post due date or b) if the CTG is abnormal or c) if the mothers blood pressure rises too much. I’ll get a CTG with the midwife every other or third day, starting next week, just to make sure the baby is fine. So we have until August 20th if everything remains normal.
      Our hospital also starts with natural induction (acupuncture, labor cocktail, clove oil tampon) before moving on to medication.

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