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FET #3 The Embryo Transfer

The stats:
– uterine lining 9.7mm
– two day 5 blastocysts transferred
– 4mg Estrace, 3 effervescent Endometrin suppositories, 3 capsules Prometrium, and a prenatal
– Levothyroxine

I had my last orgasm last night, and fell promptly to sleep at 11:30pm. I woke up at 3am, wide-eyed, body feeling the post-traumatic effects of yesterday’s altercation with my dad. Despite trying to fall back asleep, I wasn’t able to, and just laid in bed until 6am when our alarms went off.

I showered, put on a cute dress, guzzled the two cups of water needed to fill my bladder, and had a bowl of oatmeal. Then, we were on our way!


At the clinic, one of the nicest nurses received us, and they were running on time. We changed into the gown/smock, booties, and hair nets. We also had Dr. C, who we’ve never had before. He is a very petite flaming Asian man, which DW took as a good sign.

They thawed two embryos: one of our excellent grade ones, and the other lower grade one, which they regraded as excellent as it developed more after it thawed.

This is them:


Lying on the table, with my feet in stirrups, the ultrasound tech measured my uterine lining (9.7mm), and then the doctor inserted the speculum. He had a lot of problems trying to thread the catheter through my cervix. He must have tried for 5 minutes, and the pain of the catheter being repeatedly forced through was causing my uterus to cramp. It hurt like hell, and I shed a tear or two, but it was neat to see it on the ultrasound. Because of how long it was taking, they sent the embryos back to the embryologist. The doctor then sent the nurse to fetch a special curved catheter called a “Sydney catheter”, which worked like a charm through my S shaped cervix. The embryos were then deposited into the middle of my uterine cavity, and the embryologist checked the sleeve and saw that one embryo was still in there. The doctor set up the speculum and Sydney catheter again and deposited the second embryo again.

Because I was the last patient for the day, I got to stay laying down in the room for 15-20 minutes, all the while chatting with the embryologist and the nurse.

We then headed upstairs to get blood work done.

My progesterone levels are going to be checked on Thursday or Friday, and our beta is on the 13th.

For the next two days I’m supposed to be on bed rest, which so far, sucks. I am so bored, and just really want to go for a walk with my wife and dogs. My Darling has been taking good care of me, making me food and catering to all of my fetching needs. She is awesome, I love her so much, and I hope I can make her some babies.




38 thoughts on “FET #3 The Embryo Transfer

  1. This is very exciting! I never knew there were two different shaped catheters — very interesting. I hope your bedrest days go by as painlessly as possible. Just try to binge on The Killing on Netflix, if you haven’t already. Season 4 is out now!

    Your embryos look amazing – I think one or both of those is on their way to becoming a beautiful baby!

    • Thank you! Yeah, the picture captures both of them in different stages of hatching! Already finished season 4 of the Killing. It was only 6 episodes 😦 Anything else you can recommend?

  2. I am crying- literally, crying reading about your transfer. So exciting! Your embryos and beautiful. I think the transfer is so exciting, but I’m sorry to hear about the pain you had to go through. You both look happy an verrrry ready for a baby πŸ™‚

    Two days is a long time to be on bed rest. There’s some controversy about this – it may be good to get up and move around bc it gets your system flowing! But if your doctor said 2 days, that’s what you should do.

    It’s going to be a long week! I’ll be thinking about you and cheering for your embryos! Sending hugs.

  3. Yay! So anxious to hear updates! Still thinking of you two and praying that this is your time! Embryo pictures are beautiful as are both of you! Sorry to hear about the transfer pain- can’t imaging that on top on the full bladder (which I was in tears about in it’s own!!)

    • Aww thanks πŸ™‚ Yeah, it was uncomfortable. DW reminds me that it’ll be nothing compared to childbirth lol. And in that moment, I went from wanting a natural home birth to “just cut them out of me”. How are you feeling? Do you have a birth plan?

      • Ha! Absolutely! Too funny. I’ve been feeling pretty good. Had to go in twice in the past couple weeks for regular contractions. They were able to stop them with meds and luckily they didn’t change my cervix at all. As a NICU nurse, we have this thing that if someone comes in with a birth plan, the baby(ies) are coming to the NICU- it’s like Murphy’s Law sometimes. With twins, it’s suggested that I have an epidural in place (even if no meds) just in case they have to take me back urgently for a c/s. I’m open to everything and I’ll just take it as it comes, do what my body can handle and ultimately it’s about a safe delivery and healthy babies! So, I guess that’s my plan but I told the girls at work that I would create an elaborate, fictitious one for their enjoyment! (Having said that- I think birth plans are fantastic for moms and families- as long as there is trust in their own bodies and their OB’s recommendations and that they too realize that we are all there for one reason, safe & healthy moms and babies!) 😊

      • They do that here in Canada too- mandatory epidural for twins (for ease of whisking you away if needed). It’s so awesome that you’re a NICU nurse. The familiarity will make such a huge difference in your experience I think. The fictitious birth plan sounds hilarious. I definitely think just rolling with it is a great approach. I’m just such a planner that I’d get a kick out of making a birth plan. Lol

      • Yes- familiarity is both a good thing and an awful thing! You should definitely make one then, since you’re a planner. Sounds like you have enough common sense to be most focused on a positive outcome so why not have a plan? I think it’s a great idea!

  4. I’m confused, after my 5 day blastocyst transfer I had only a 1- week wait because the blasties were so developed. I was surprised when they explained it to me as I thought it was a 2WW. But yours is a 10- day wait until the beta. They’re all different!

  5. Sticky baby(ies) vibes to you. Your chances are excellent with two expanding high grade blasts. Now take a dog (or wife) and cuddle on the couch, it’s good practice for later in pregnancy πŸ™‚

  6. Look at those fantastic looking embryos! This is so exciting!!!! When you think about it, you might totally be twinning right now! And look at the 2 of you! I’ll be all over this blog to see what’s going on this next week…yay! So happy for you guys!

  7. Good luck!!!! Can’t wait to hear the news at the end of this chapter! Also, Netflix binge watching is a great way to kill time. I’m currently watching “Baby Daddy” its one of those shows you don’t have to think about. Otherwise, I love Orphan Black, Dexter, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and Heroes right now. Hang in there! Lots of love and positive vibes your way!

    • American Netflix is so much better than Canadian Netflix! We have less selection than you do. I’ve been watching the Mindy Project. She cracks me up. I’m hoping the laughter keeps the stress down too! Thanks for the recommendations!

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