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No, that’s not a serial number.

I’m 4 days post 5 day embryo transfer.

So far, I’ve felt no different. Bed rest only happened the first day. I couldn’t handle it much more than that. I watched as much Netflix as I could, took as many naps as I could, but in the end, I just wanted to flex my muscles and get my ass movin’. So on 1DP5DT, we took the dogs on our usual hike through the woods. We took it slower than our typical pace, which DW didn’t complain about (she has shorter legs than me and I often walk too fast). The past two days, I’ve just been keeping busy with cooking and baking.

[Apologies in advance to those who can’t stand people taking pictures of their food.]

I made a Thai green curry with chicken.


Then, with these beautiful peaches that DW bought from a colleague who picks them ripe off his peach tree, I made peach glaze for our GF crepes, and peach cobbler. I made extra cobbler and froze it.



Then, DW ran out of breakfast granola, so I made some GF granola.


Today, I picked basil from our garden and made pesto. Look at that gorgeous green colour!

That pesto was delicious on the zucchini noodles that I spiralized for lunch.

[Okay, food porn over. Still with me?]

Right now, we’re on our way to our cottage. So really, the reason I’m posting is so that y’all don’t worry about me when you haven’t seen a post from me in several days. I’ll be back on Sunday, so until then, fingers crossed for all of you finishing up your TWW’s, and have a great weekend everyone!


17 thoughts on “4DP5DT

  1. The only problem I have with your food porn is that I can’t eat it!!! Have so much fun, hoping the little sprout gets cozy at the cottage!

  2. Every one of these pictures looks fantastic! I need to turn some of my basil into pesto, too. Maybe this weekend. What did you put in yours?

    • Basil + garlic + parmesan + olive oil –> food process. I don’t use pine nuts because they’re expensive and I never have any sitting around at home. I’ll post the recipe that I used when we get back 🙂

  3. I usually loathe pics of food, most people don’t do it tastefully (see what I did there?), but these ones look amazing! Well done.

    Hope you have fun at the cottage and come back with a BFP!

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