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6DP5DT: Sick

So I’ve got a sliver of a cell phone signal here at the cottage, and thought that I’d post a little update.

No symptoms still, except for maybe a little dizziness and motion sickness out in the canoe (I don’t usually get sick out on the water).

I haven’t been sleeping well, presumably thanks to the levothyroxine. I go to bed at about 10pm, wake up at 3am, and am not able to fall back asleep at all. The birds start chirping at about 4am, and they are a bunch of loud motherfuckers. Sleep is hopeless.

I’ve also developed a bad case of sniffles and post-nasal drip, perhaps because of some allergies or maybe a cold. Right now I’m lying in bed feeling chilled.

I’m hungry for updates from you all! Hope everyone is doing well.


3 thoughts on “6DP5DT: Sick

  1. Fingers crossed that you feeling a bit crappy is caused by the altered immune response that occurs when a little foreigner is settling in.

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