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9DP5DT: Twinges Anyone?

Tomorrow’s our first beta, Friday is our repeat beta, and I’m so friggin’ nervous.

Please stick. Please stick. Please stick.

To make matters worse, I’ve been feeling a constant twinge on my right side. It feels like a weird pulling sensation somewhat generalized in my lower right abdomen. It changes a bit with position, and is worse with sitting and certain positions lying down. I’m afraid to stretch it, not knowing what it is.

Anyone else experience this at around week 4?

My breasts are ridiculously tender too. Yesterday, just the weight of them bouncing as I walked up the stairs was making them ache.

Other than that, the vertigo has somewhat dissipated, but I’m still dizzy all the time and feel a fuzz in my brain.

More updates tomorrow!

14 thoughts on “9DP5DT: Twinges Anyone?

  1. I think all of this is sounding like good news. I had all kinds of weird cramping and pulling sensations, nothing I could describe very specifically though. Can’t wait for those beta #s to roll in!!

  2. Yes, I definitely felt a lot of pulling and cramping on my lower right side when my embie was burrowing! So excited for you. Also, I had never felt such sore breasts in all my years of PMS! My boobs aren’t even big and they hurt even when I was sleeping. Yay for you guys!

  3. I kind of remember feeling like that. Almost like I couldn’t stretch my abs all the way. I had ohss too so it’s hard to distinguish what was from what. Can’t. Wait. To. Hear. Better not leave us hanging!

  4. I remember thinking to myself, a couple days before we tested that I felt like I could feel the baby ‘sticking’. I think that’s the best way I could describe it. However, the way you explain it, kind of, if I remember right, seems about how it felt! All good things, ma’am, all good things, it sounds! I’m excited for Beta results!! πŸ™‚

  5. Just started following! Fx for you and your wife. We are going to start the process soon but DW and I are MUCH older…will check back in for progress and so we can share in your journey. Good luck!

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