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FET#3: An Update

First off, let me apologize for waiting until today to update you on what’s going on.

I have been a nervous wreck.

Last time we touched base, I had gotten my very first BFP. This was on Monday, and holy shit was I excited. My symptoms were also in full effect: super sore breasts, dizziness, twinges, bloating, smell aversion, mild nausea.

When Wednesday came, I was so sure that our little implanted embryo(s) would be overachievers and just figured that my HCG levels would be in the hundreds. I was certain that I had been pregnant for several days now at this point.

Then we got the call.

Our beta test came back positive. But really low. Our HCG was 33. The nurse said that technically, anything above 5 was positive.

I was in shock, and disbelief.

Naturally, I turned to Dr. Google, every TTC research addict’s playground. And basically concluded that yes, technically, I was pregnant, but with an HCG as low as mine on 10DP5DT, it was likely to end in miscarriage.

I basically drove myself and DW crazy, with all of my researching and speculation. I had even convinced myself out of being excited that I was pregnant.

Basically, for two days I was anxiously awaiting today’s (Friday) HCG result, as we need to see them increase sufficiently (double within 48-72 hours).

Stay tuned for today’s results…. I will post again in a few hours.


14 thoughts on “FET#3: An Update

  1. I’ve seen lower first betas double like crazy one they got going. I’m holding out hope and can’t wait to hear the results!

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