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6 Week Ultrasound

I thought I was 6w2d today, but according to today’s ultrasound, I am just shy of 6 weeks.

The technician wouldn’t let DW be present for the ultrasound, which was annoying, and also wouldn’t let me take pictures. They just kept saying that there really wouldn’t be anything to see this early, which begs the question, “Why the fuck did you people bully me into having an ultrasound this early?!”. Ugh. I’m so annoyed.

Anyway, she did a transabdominal first on a full bladder (boy are those uncomfortable!), and then a transvaginal after I had emptied my bladder. I managed to snap this picture while privately getting undressed:


So basically we have a singleton, and it’s apparently too early to visualize anything except for the gestational sac itself.

I’m not gonna lie, I am a bit worried as everything that I’ve read says that we should’ve been able to visualize the yolk sac at 5 weeks, but there was none. However, all I saw was an empty sac. In their words “it’s too early for the ultrasound technician to take the appropriate measurements”.

They wanted me to repeat it next week, but I don’t want to be disappointed again, so I pushed it to two weeks. Hopefully by then I will be 8 weeks along and something should be there.

Why is this so damn stressful? I’m such an overachiever in every other aspect of my life, so having late implanting blastocysts, low HCGs, and slow to develop embryos is driving me insane.

I really hope our little spark is in there, and that in two weeks we get some good news.

10 thoughts on “6 Week Ultrasound

  1. Boy do I understand the part about being an overachiever in everything else, which makes this whole process a blow to my ego! It’s like, I’m doing everything I can – charting, supplements, eating right, avoiding coffee, research, research and more research. I HATE that it feels like I can’t OVERACHIEVE this!

    Don’t worry too much about what you see on the ultrasound – they are much harder to “read” than it seems, so your little nugget is probably perfectly fine!!

  2. Congrats on that little bean! Don’t worry too much, we didn’t see a sac or embryo until 7+1 either. My 6 weeks pic looked exactly like yours. And like I said before, I know several people who had frozen transfers who were a bit behind in hCG and ultrasound too but had perfectly healthy babies. Those charts are based on natural conception. For me it makes perfect sense, that those frozen little ones might need a bit more time to wake up and develop.
    There is also the factor of how the tech measures the little bean. Just a milimeter more or less counts as days of development. NJ measured both up to 7 days behind and ahead during my many ultrasounds depending on who did them and with what machine.

  3. There’s nothing like a little curve ball to throw you off balance. I have a good feeling we’ll be celebrating a great ultrasound in a couple of weeks. Hopefully after that, you’ll be able to relax.

    I can so relate to what you said about being an overachiever, though. It’s so hard to have absolutely zero control over all of these things. We all work so hard to be the valedictorian of fertility, and we end up somewhere in the middle of the class anyway. Very frustrating.

  4. I agree with everyone. We didn’t have one until after 7 weeks I believe so try not to stress (easier said than done).. What makes me mad is why the heck wouldn’t they let her in with you?

  5. It’s so annoying that they don’t let you take pictures. I do it all the time anyway…i usually try and get a short little video too! …and what kinda shit is that, that they didn’t let your wife in? I hope there was a really good reason for that, like you were in a closet sized space or something. But it looks like so far, so good. 2 weeks is a good call, but how are you gonna wait so long?!?! I would be dying!

  6. Why wouldn’t they let your wife in? That seems ridiculous. It sounds like other folks have lots of reassuring advice. We didn’t have an u/s until 9 weeks and I was so worried the whole time. Can’t wait to see your little gummy bear in two weeks.

  7. I could let the picture thing slide, but not letting your wife in there – not cool. I would have complained about that. I hope your next ultrasound is better experience wise and with the good news you are wanting. I sure will be thinking of you with baby growth vibes coming your way!

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