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A Very Stressful Long Weekend

Ever since the afternoon of our 6-week transvaginal ultrasound, I’ve had spotting.

Thursday- faint brown spotting
Friday- more brown spotting
Saturday- some red spotting and more brown spotting
Sunday morning and afternoon- lots of brown clots
Sunday evening- faint brown spotting (much lighter)

It was torture not having internet access during these stressful times. I really have no idea what is going on, and have been freaking out.

I haven’t had any cramps though, and haven’t been filling pads or anything- just streaks on a panty liner. I think that’s a good sign.

I’m not in a great headspace right now, and am also really stressed about starting at a new school on Tuesday. It’s a vocational school, where 90% of the students have significant learning disabilities and developmental delays. I enjoy teaching and am really good with these kids, but I’ll be in a totally new role, teaching subjects that I’ve never taught before, and have no resources to go off of. I’m sure it will be fine in a few weeks when I’ve got a good grasp of the building and supports, have gotten to know the kids, and have an idea of what these courses look like.

The night before the first day of school is always sleepless though- even for very experienced teachers like DW. The last thing I need is to worry about school and the possibility of a miscarriage.

I’m really hoping that this spotting is benign, and that our little spark is still in there, thriving.

18 thoughts on “A Very Stressful Long Weekend

  1. The bleeding is always super super scary. I almost had a heart attack when Callie started bleeding! But if there is no cramping chances are everything is ok. This might be tmi, but is it clots or is it like this grainy (almost bloody sand) kind of thing?! The dr in the ER told us that when ur pregnant, ur body starts to produce more blood, and there is really no where for that extra blood to go but out. So that could be it! And good luck on ur first day! It’s always tough transitioning to a new place, but there’s no doubt that you’ll be in full swing, falling in love with those kids in a few weeks!

    • It ranges from being pasty and pale brown (because it mixes with the chalky progesterone suppositories), to looking like bloody snot/slime. What was her bleeding like? How long did it last?

      • She didn’t do the suppositories BUT the snot/slim stuff sounds like the last day or so of the bleeding…at first it was brown when she wiped in the bathroom, didnt think anything of it…then about an hour later she went to the bathroom and it all seemed to “gush out”, like grainy sandy brown. If you’ve ever seen “kinetic sand” that’s kinda what it looked like. The spotting lasted about 3-4 days, mostly brown and slimy…so pretty much the same things you are experiencing…

  2. I have friends who have spotted quite a bit during their pregnancies and never had any issues /threats because of it. When I miscarried it was spotting one night then the next day bleeding… Quickly went from a little to a lot. I would have been scared by brown spotting too, but reassured that for some people it’s very normal. Hang in there! Xx

  3. Did you have your progesterone levels checked? If not, I would recommend doing that very soon. Just to make sure. Sometimes the suppositories aren’t enough and the injections are necessary to stop bleeding.

    • I was thinking that too, but I don’t think it would provide many answers, unfortunately, because my RE’s office only checks if the progesterone level is above the minimum to sustain a pregnancy (a yes/no answer, not a quantitative answer), and taking 300mg vaginally + 300mg orally will definitely have me over that minimum.

  4. When do you next see the doctor?Can you call to get an appointment for peace of mind?

    Good luck tomorrow! I hope you can catch some sleep tonight since tomorrow will be so exhausting for you.

    • Thanks. We decided that a doctors appointment wouldn’t do much for us actually. They already told us that brown spotting is normal, but if it turns red to go to emergency. So I guess we just wait. My next ultrasound is in a week and a half, so fingers crossed no red blood!

  5. I’d just call your doctor’s office tomorrow and leave a message about it and ask if it’s anything you need to worry about or what you can do about it?

  6. I had quite a bit of spotting at about 8 weeks. It started in the middle of the night and scared the crap out of me. I barely slept for the rest of the night. I called the clinic first thing in the morning and got an ultrasound appointment for the following day. I was told that it was likely ok because the spotting wasn’t bright red and excessive. I also ended up having a very small subchorionic hemorrhage — basically just a ball of blood in the uterus that can develop when the embryo(s) are implanting. It resolved on its own.
    Fingers crossed for you! 🙂

  7. Suppositories can def cause spotting-brown spotting usually indicates old blood not active bleeding. Here’s hoping all is well and a smooth first day for you!

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