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Chillin’ In the Operating Room

I’ve been bleeding on and off for over a week now. Pregnancy symptoms are still plaguing me (I still can’t lay on my stomach comfortably because my tits are so bloody engorged and sore). But today my friends, is the official eviction of little spark #3 (#1 and #2 were evicted from DW earlier this year).

Of course, we are very sad about this, but I’m ready to move on. I’m currently swagged out in not one, but TWO hospital gowns, blue grippy slippers, and a very flattering hair net.


My D&C is “on the list” but not scheduled per se. The appointments are triaged, so if someone else with an urgent OB-GYN needs surgery more than me, I will get bumped. I have been here since 12:30pm, and could be waiting until 4pm. So basically, I’ve been fasting (no food or drink) since last night, with no idea when I can eat again. It’s currently 1pm, and I’m in a room of irritates and impatient people. One twenty-something-year-old accompanied by his mom said he’s been waiting since 11am.

I’m all sorts of uncomfortable right now. I am legally blind without my contacts. Even wearing glasses, I have no depth perception and the blurriness in my peripheral vision (the part of the visual field beyond my glasses) makes me super dizzy. I can’t even walk up or down stairs while wearing my glasses because of this. But because of the surgery, I can’t wear contacts. So I’ve been wearing my glasses, meandering around like a drunk person, getting sick in the car on the way to the hospital (it’s not DW’s driving). We arrived at the hospital and I was on the verge of yakking.

I’m also extremely hungry and exceptionally thirsty. I usually wake up with a voracious appetite, so you can imagine my dismay when I woke up at 4am, hungry, and unable to do anything about it. I’ve been so thirsty that I’ve been swooshing water in my mouth and spitting it out, just to moisten my mouth.

Needless to say, I’m anxious for this to be over soon. Until then, I will keep waiting, dreaming of a clean slate and some comfort food when all of this is over.

Wish me luck.

13 thoughts on “Chillin’ In the Operating Room

  1. My heart and thoughts are with you. I hope the surgery goes as well as it can, and you are able to eat (and drink!) again shortly afterwards.

    Please know you have a whole team of people who are rallying behind you in spirit, thinking of you and sending our love and comfort.

  2. My heart goes out to you, girl. And I can totally relate to the wait for food. I couldn’t eat or drink until 3 pm the day of my polypectomy and I was seriously miserable. They told me to eat something light after surgery, but I made Catch take me for pancakes–even in my post-anesthesia haze!

  3. Oh, why do they have to add insult to injury? Yuck. I hope you get out soon and get the most delicious meal ever on your way home. ❤

  4. Oh wow, I hope by the time you read this you’re free of this horrible experience. I’m so sorry about little spark #3 and I’m hoping you and DW can move on and start recovering.

  5. I hope your surgery went as well as it could and you’re recovering with something comforting right now!!! Hospitals can be excruciatingly frustrating with wait times.

  6. “The System” is an expert at adding insult to injury, aren’t they? I’ve been told ‘no, no…it’s not like that ALL OVER Canada’, but I keep insisting that it’s no better in Vancouver than in Toronto or Montreal or Halifax. It’s just a universally BAD healthcare system. No wonder it’s “free” (which isn’t really free to those who need more than an antibiotic prescription or flu meds). Disheartening. And I totally get your eyesight and dizziness issues. My focal distance is 10cm at best (without glasses or contacts), not sure if that makes me or you more blind LOL. As age sets in, I worry I’ll one day need bifocals, and I can think of nothing more vomit-inducing than having to switch between 2 separate focal planes in one lens.

    That said, I hope the rest of your wait time and procedures were less troublesome than the actual side issues.

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