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14 thoughts on “Cottage Weekends

  1. These are gorgeous photos. I love fishing! I don’t do it often, only when I get the chance to visit cottage country. I love that the birdies came right up to you!

  2. Such a feeling of peace in your photos. Is it your own cottage – lucky you if it is. It looks like a beautiful place to be. (PS – that look your dog is giving in her jacket!!

    • Yes, it is our cottage. We are very lucky to have it. Clementine has great expressions for almost everything! I’m glad I captured her distain for the life jacket lol.

  3. I’m so jealous! That is a beautiful cottage, and somehow I felt like I knew you had locks, but they look bad ass! I wish I could lock my hair. I tried a while ago when I was about 18 but my mom gave me so much grief, and they just wouldn’t lock. So after 8 months, I cut all my hair off…Looks like a great place to just, ahhh, relax…

    • Yeah I am so grateful to have the cottage. I love my locks. It’s my third time having them (other times I have in to pressures to look more “professional”), and I’ve had these ones for a year and a half now. My hair naturally matts up if I don’t use conditioner, so it is very easy to maintain (I don’t do any maintenance). You would look great with dreads. Different methods might work better for you (than the one you used previously).

      • I tried threading them, using a needle and thread to keep the ends together so I could keep them in. I tried cutting my hair realy short and then “rubbing” them with a towel or with my sweater sleeve to get little knots that would grow longer. Twisting, which didn’t work AT ALL because my hair is naturally very curly, so it just made tighter spiral curls. I tried a shitload of ways, and got so incredibly frustrated because it always looked like shit no matter how hard tried…they are so cool and I LOVE them! I think Callie would leave me tho! LOL!

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