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Pleasant Surprises

The dogs and I went for our regular daily hike through the conservation lands today.


The day started out rainy, but then the clouds cleared and the sun came shining through. We tried a different path today, which is usually very wet and full of puddles, which Juno loves to lay in. Today, the path wasn’t very muddy, and she chose not to get dirty by splashing in the puddles.

I rewarded her by heading to a little creek that collects in a small pond. We call this spot “Memorial Creek” because of the plaque nailed into a tree that memorializes a loved family dog. The plaque is older than our dogs, and makes this place seem so sacred to me.

On our trek there, something red caught my eye… raspberry canes! My TCM doctor says that I should eat some raspberries daily, to help tonify my kidney and liver, which are deficient. How serendipitous! So I picked a handful of the ripest raspberries, cradled them in my hand, and walked down the hill to Memorial Creek.


There I sat at a rickety picnic table and watched as the dogs played in the water and chased squirrels.


All of a sudden, Juno emerged from the bush, something squeaking in her mouth! I was worried that she had caught a small animal, and was relieved when I saw that it was just a pink squeaky toy she must have found in the woods nearby.

She squeaked it several times before asking politely if I’d play fetch with her.

She asked once,


and again. She asked several times, really. That is, until the squeaky toy lost its squeaker!


Then we headed back on the trail.


A day of beautiful surprises!


14 thoughts on “Pleasant Surprises

    • That’s so true. I feel so much more connected and in balance during our walks. If only I could bottle that peace and take it with me everywhere. I’m glad you had a lovely walk too- and with friends- even better!

  1. Ahhh love the raspberry synchronicity! Juno is a beautiful doggy. I would love to go on a hike with you guys some time. I miss having the companionship of a dog.

  2. That’s awesome! When things like that happen, it always makes me wonder who is out there watching us and connecting us to these things to remind us about the journeys we are on…like the shooting star right on cue during our Babymoon…and that puppy is beyond freaking adorable! I love my cat, but a dog, that’s living!

  3. That sounds like a perfect day. I could look at the raspberry photos for a while. Such an incredible red color. Did you have to bathe the pup when you got home?

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