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My RE’s Immune Testing


The above blood tests are what my RE checks to evaluate the immune causes of recurrent miscarriage. I know that NK activity is missing from this list, as I think the blood needs to be sent to the States for testing.

I would love feedback on what other REs have tested for for RPL (recurrent pregnancy loss) or miscarriage with a normal embryo.

15 thoughts on “My RE’s Immune Testing

  1. This is *part of* a RPL (recurrent pregnancy loss) panel, in essence. As RPL panels go it’s missing Anti-Thyroid Antibody testing. You should also ask to have all of your Ig (immunoglobulin) levels checked (we can get the entire panel for Iga through Igg run in Canada and you should not have to pay OOP for that, I had my GP do mine). You should also get a CBC and have Vita D. and Magnesium levels checked. You should NOT have to pay OOP for these tests. My GP ran the RPL panel on me and had karyotyping done – no charge. The karyotyping takes bloody forever and you may not need that. If you are going to pay out of pocket I’m going to sound like a broken record and suggest you seriously consider seeing someone who has a hot clue. Your RE clearly does not, in my not-so-respectful opinion (respect to you, none to the RE). Sorry if this sounds harsh. I’ve lost all patience for the public health care system in our country when it comes to RPL and immunological fertility issues now. Done like dinner and bitter as hell I am in that dept.

    • Sorry, also I would ask my GP or OB for ALT, WBC, c-reactive protein, Glucose Fasting, Hemoglobin A1C, Insulin, Cortisol, Lipid Battery, TSH, T-3 and T-4 (these were all recommended for me by either Dr. Braverman or my TCMD and my GP requisitioned thema all, $0 OOP). You can ask your regular doctor (do you have a GP or OB?) for requisitions for all of this. Forget this idiot clinic for testing is my advice – this kind of testing is insured, for the love of pete, if you’ve had 2 or more losses and in your case with chromo-normal loss you should be getting this no questions asked). Feel free to email if you don’t mind my ranting and want more specific suggestions: spirit.baby.please.come.home@gmail.com.

      Good luck, sweetheart. I’m sorry you are facing such obstacles over something so simple as testing you clearly need. FYI, none of these tests will measure cytokine levels in the blood (NK are in that family) so this testing will only give you a partial picture but it’s a start. I’d do everything you can under public health care and then get the other testing done in the US if you are so inclined.

      • I don’t think I can possibly add anything more to what Spirit Baby has already said. Except, I can provide you with a link to the extensive list of testing that Dr. B does – http://www.preventmiscarriage.com/Our-Diagnostic-Testing-Panel.aspx. You can see just how extensive his testing protocol is – I personally don’t understand half of it, but I know, I absolutely know, that it’s our best chance at getting an answer. I suspect Spirit Baby can explain some of it better then me, because she’s more of an expert. šŸ™‚
        Also, as for NK cells if you RE is anything like mine he may not believe in them, so they wont even test you for them. My impression right now of RE’s is that they are very scared of or reluctant for whatever reason to look at the most recent data on reproductive immunology – they seem to be stuck using data for 20+ years ago that was inconclusive at best, and are not able or willing or whatever, to use the recent data. In fact I think the field of RI is like IVF was 20 or 30 years ago – it’s in it infancy and I suspect will become much more mainstream in the future (I think I first read that idea somewhere on Spirit Baby’s blog, and it’s really stuck with me).
        Anyways, this all sucks, I hate that you too are facing all of this. I wish you the best figuring our the solution that is right for you.
        Wishing you the absolute best!!

    • I agree. Maybe I will get on that referral with Dr. Laskin sooner. I’m only paying OOP for certain blood tests that don’t seem to be covered in Ontario’s Provincial plan. My anti-thyroid was checked in Nov 2013- and apparently was fine.

  2. I think you should have NK cells tested for sure. My RE tested me for that before I was even really his patient. He will do skype consults and order labs for you if needed. I had mine drawn at a lab and shipped to the facility they used for testing. Might be an option if your RE won’t do it. Let me know if you’d like his info. From someone who has tried several REs- he really is amazing at what he does.

  3. Hi, my naturopath got my doctor to order the blood tests I needed and I’m sorry I no longer have the list I don’t think, but there were 17 things on it (actually I may have the results somewhere so I’ll see if I can find them). The ones that were issues for me were the anti-thyroid antibodies the TSH, T3 & T4. I’d also say that unless you have a knowledgeable person reading the results they may just say that your levels are fine regardless! I wonder what your anti-thyroid antibodies measure actually was?

    • I agree- sometimes there isn’t close interpretation of the results. I can find out on Wednesday what my thyroid levels were, as that’s when I see my endocrinologist.

  4. I’m glad you got your results back and glad you have others who are so knowledgeable about the results. I don’t know anything except finding out that you had been pregnant with a chromosomally normal baby was alarming. It made me miss my own spirit baby and wonder if she had an abnormality or not. I’m thinking about you a lot and sending you love and hope.

    • Embaby girl being normal was shocking to me as well, and opens up a whole new can of worms. I certainly have some autoimmune stuff going on (Celiac), but thought it was all tamed because of my strictly gluten-free diet. You girls must be starting your FET soon right?

      • I hope you get more information about this. I’m sure it’s confusing as your wife had the miscarriages too, but with your eggs. Yes, we’ve started the cycle and I just wrote a long blogpost about it but my computer is frozen! I’m writing this on my phone. Hopefully it’ll be up in a few minutes.

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