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Thyroid Update

I haven’t been sleeping well for several weeks now. Luckily, I haven’t needed to supplement with naps…. Until today.

I had an early morning appointment with my endocrinologist today. She is really wonderful, and is always on time, which I really appreciate. She is young (around my age, 32), and has a small child of her own. As soon as I walked into her office, she must’ve said “I’m so sorry” (for your miscarriage) about 20 times in a row. I thought that she herself was going to cry. She has been rooting for us since about a year ago (half way through our TTC journey), which is when I was first referred to her due to astronomically high cortisol and prolactin levels. After 9 months of regular blood draws, my stupid RE never even caught my unacceptably high TSH levels (between 4-5, when it should be under 2), but she did.

Wow, I can’t believe I’ve been seeing her for a year now. We’ve been trying to make a baby for far too long.

Anyway, she went through my labs from the past couple of draws. My TPO antibodies are within the normal range (to rule out autoimmune thyroid attacking itself), my preconception TSH was 1.12 in July, 0.60 in August, and 0.56 right now (October). She says my thyroid is right on target.

When we transfer again (probably in 6-7 weeks from now), I will increase my Synthroid dose from 25mcg to 50mcg on two days of the week.

In terms of the miscarriage, it wasn’t likely my thyroid that caused it.

The dogs and I went on our daily walk through the conservation lands, and again, I stumbled on raspberries (which is crazy because I was reminded again by my TCM doctor to eat them, and this is not their growing season).

Here are some pictures:






Wow, I fell asleep while waiting for these photos to load from my iPhone. Two hours later, I’m awake and refreshed!

25 thoughts on “Thyroid Update

  1. That’s great that your thyroid is under control. Mine continues to fluctuate so they are closely monitoring it. Love your raspberry & boots on the leaves photos – evocative. I dug out the list of tests that my naturopath sent me for…let me know if you want me to send it through.

  2. I love a good nap! I take them so very rarely, but it feels so good when a good one comes my way!

    I love that you found raspberries on your path again! Lovely synchronicity.

  3. So glad that your TSH level is low..that sounds very promising, even more glad that your RE caught it! And how about those rasperries again?!?! That’s pretty awesome! I think the universe has been looking out for you recently, and is trying to give you signs that everything is all good…

    • Yes, my endocrinologist is awesome. My RE is terrible though. He is the one that allowed us to keep doing IUIs for almost a year while my TSH levels indicated hypothyroidism. He totally missed it.

      • She manages my thyroid levels- I have bloodwork done monthly, and see her every other month to check in. I’m so glad that I have her, as my RE is pretty much useless aside from technical skills (surgeries, IUIs, IVF). I can never get an appointment with him. 95% of the communication is with his nurses, and they take weeks to call me back.

  4. Those raspberries look amazing. I bet you’re going to find a way to work them into an enviable gluten free dessert.

  5. Hi, I read your post about your Thyroid and wanted to share my experience. I was diagnosed with borderline under-active Thyroid after having 3 miscarriages. I was put on 25mgg of Thyroxine. After around 4 months of medication I got pregnant again; I was taking progesterone supplements whilst in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy and low dose aspirin throughout and I went on to have a very healthy pregnancy and a beautiful little girl. I think Thyroid has more to do with miscarriage than we may think, probably in combination with other things. x

      • I think it started at around 4.3 and came down to around 1.7-2.2. It fluctuated during my pregnancy and i had to have regular blood tests and my meds adjusted accordingly.
        I really do think it made a difference, and when I managed to get and stay pregnant I felt amazing! The healthiest I have ever felt. Good luck! X

      • That is so wonderful. Unfortunately for me, my levels had already stabled at 1.17 during the blood draw just prior to my embryo transfer, and when we increased it, it went further down to 0.56 (which is good). So my endocrinologist doesn’t think that the miscarriage is die to my thyroid activity. So I guess we just keep looking…

      • I’m so sorry. Hopefully a combined approach to nurturing any future pregnancies might help. I really hope so. Have you been recommended other treatment after embryo transfer? Like low dose aspirin and/or 12 weeks of progesterone? I’m sorry for my ignorance if you get these automatically. I really hope you get your rainbow baby. X

      • I am put on progesterone and some low dose estrogen, but have not been told to take baby aspirin. However, a friend of mine without a thrombophilic history (that goes to the same clinic), was told to go on the aspirin for all of her FETs (she has recurrent loss as well), so I think I will go on it regardless. Did you try baby aspirin?

      • Yeah low dose and baby aspirin are the same thing. I took it from the positive test to 37 weeks. I was never told out right to take it, but a pregnancy loss specialist that I managed to see hinted it wouldn’t hurt. I’d had all the blood tests to check for sticky blood and other thrombophilic disorders and all tests came back normal. But I guess if you take the aspirin it increases blood flow to your placenta, which can’t hurt. I know our stories are different, but I had a long time where I felt hopeless. I got there in the end, and I honestly never felt like I would. During my rmc tests I wept when i was told all my tests had come back normal because I wanted them to find something wrong so they could fix it. Xx

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