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Immune Testing Results

You may recall that I had some testing done after it was revealed that I miscarried a chromosomally normal embryo back in September.

Here’s the post about it, if you don’t remember.

Anyway, it’s been three weeks now, and the results have come in for most of them, except for the natural killer Th1/Th2, the $640 test that is sent to California for testing.



It has all come back normal.

I’m skeptical on many fronts, as I have very little confidence in the reliability of lab work that isn’t repeated. In 2010, I had some abnormal blood work results that forced me, my GP, and some specialists down an ovarian cancer rabbit hole. The abnormal blood work was corroborated by some abnormal ultrasound findings, which suggested a rather large multi-chambered tumour on my right ovary. The blood work was repeated a month after I had given away my chiropractic practice thinking that I was going to die (who wants to work during their last year of life?), and was totally normal. A slew of medical specialists were convinced to see what they wanted to see, all because of what we speculated to likely be a “mix up” in the blood lab.

Anyway, I am not sure what to make of all of this. I’m not sure that my RE’s testing is comprehensive, but we are led to believe that my immune system did not kill the embryo.

If our embryo is truly chromosomally normal (I question this sometimes too- though I’m told that it’s a bit more reliable because they culture the samples for a long time to distinguish between mama and embryo tissue), and my immune system did not kill our embryo, then what did?

As mentioned above, I’m still waiting on the NK cells results. How much do you wanna bet that they will be normal too?

Right now we’re waiting for my period to begin (in probably a week or so), and then we’re off to embryo transfer #4, with our last embryo. I’m particularly anxious about the chance of success with this transfer, as we’re only transferring one. Each of our previous transfers, we’ve transferred two. I’m trying to remain hopeful, as this embryo deserves to come home, and be loved. It’s just difficult to be hopeful when 2013 and 2014 have been filled with disappointment. I’m trying to find meaning in it, maybe something that I’m supposed to learn, but I’m struggling and it’s really breaking my spirit.

Anyway, lone star, you are so loved. Come home and stay with us forever. Your mama et maman have been hoping and praying for you to choose us.

8 thoughts on “Immune Testing Results

  1. There have been tons of positives from single embryo transfers, so don’t let that bother you too much. So many REs these days prefer to transfer one. I hope the NK test really IS normal, because it seems like that’s a much trickier issue to have to deal with. I am thinking nothing but the best for you guys in the days and weeks to come!

  2. Like Molly said, there are lots of positives (and children!) that have come as a result of single embryo transfers.

    I’m crossing every appendage I have that the coming weeks fly by, and your little embryo becomes the Little Embryo That Could.

  3. Has your doctor spoke to you about endometrial scratching the cycle prior to transfer, and a endometrial biopsy to check to see where your “implantation window” is. If not I’d have that talk. Two friends of mine has 3 failed IVFs and once they did the biopsy a few months in a row to find the window they had a successful transfer and are now 25weeks. On to of that there is significant evidence to prove that endo scratching with IVF improves the likelihood of an embryo implanting well into the uterine lining. Thought I’d share that since knowledge tends to soothe. I hope this transfer has better results for you two.

    • I will ask if this next cycle doesnt work. It’s doubtful that he’ll do anything outside of his cookie cutter approach though. I appreciate the suggestion. The implantation timing thing fascinates me- I read that if they are controlling your estrogen/progesterone artificially, it doesn’t matter.

  4. We know what it’s like to have everything point to “normal” and know how incredibly frustrating it can be. We are with you ladies, and have everything crossed in hopes of your little embbie sticking around…hopefully, these next few weeks will fly by and we’ll be having a baby visit in the NE sooner than we think!

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