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Happiness Cycle Day 1- First Snow

A couple of you have done daily/weekly gratitude or happiness photo projects, and I’ve been so inspired by them.

I have been hesitant to commit because I think that part of me didn’t want one more thing to have to check off my list daily, but also because I think that being in the deepest pit of grieving, I just wasn’t ready to invite happiness back into my life.

But, during my last therapy session (which DW attended as well- this made me very happy), we discussed how I need to somehow overcome my tendency to expect a negative outcome. Much of my pessimistic expectation of fate probably stems from my traumatic past, but also because when good things happen, I’m not acknowledging or giving them as much power as the negative. Granted, the past two years on this island called infertility has totally sucked, but I have also been really lucky in many ways too– like finding the love of my life, securing a permanent unionized job that allows me to be off work right now, being able to take the dogs on such lovely hikes almost daily, having a home and the financial ability to be doing IUIs and IVF, and having a partner that supports my health and wellness over the growth of our household income.

I need to be reminded of the good things that happen to me, so that I can start to believe that this is the natural inertia of the world. When I believe that good things will happen for me, then perhaps I will stop worrying all the time. To this end, I am going to try to capture a moment each day to remind myself of happiness. Sometimes it will be accompanied by some script, other times a photo alone is all I will send into the world.

Join me if you’d like. I’m starting today as it is my cycle day 1, and I’m choosing to name this my Happiness Cycle. Regardless of the outcome, I will set aside a moment, each day, to celebrate the good things in my life.

Today: the snow has been falling quite heavily all day, snowflakes getting bigger every hour. During our hike, one of my favourite moments was being under the shelter of the trees. The big dog loves the snow, and with each year’s first falling, she takes big sniffs of the cool air and very happy sighs, almost as if with a smile, “I smell winter!”. The little dog, not so much. She prefers the hot sun of the summer.



20 thoughts on “Happiness Cycle Day 1- First Snow

  1. This picture is great! You’re right! LOL! The big dog is allllll in love with winter, and the little dog is like, “Seriously ma! Can we just go home!?!” So funny…I’m one of those people that believes that we and the world is made of these really strong magnetic force fields…and because of these magnets, negative attracts negative and positive attracts positive…it’s hard to project positivity all the time, but when it comes back to you, man oh man, does it make things so much better…glad that you are doing this, especially if we get more pictures of those awesome puppies!

    • I totally love your positivity. It just beams from your words! Yes, the little dog is not a fan of old man winter. When it gets to -5 degrees Celsius we have to put a jacket on her, and when it gets to -25, we still force her to walk with us outside, even it I have to stuff her in my coat for a little bit to warm her up. We actually have a video where she was tightly zipped up in my coat, but then saw a squirrel she wanted to chase, so she was wriggling trying to get out, but the zipper was stiff and so I had to help her fall through to the bottom of my coat, all the while, DW is yelling “birth her out the bottom!!”. It still cracks me up. We call it the “Second Birthing of Clementine”, and in fact, there was a “Third Birthing” too, same scenario, the following winter.

      • LMAO!!! That is hilarious!!! I would love to see that video! I can just see it! I had a Pomeranian that LOVED the snow…like chasing snowflakes, pouncing in and out of piles of snow, snapping and chasing snowballs kind of dog, but my Maltese wouldn’t even touch the snow without his snow boots on. He would grind his feet into the ground and refused to move without boots. Once the boots were one, he would walk blocks and block but feet directly on the snow? Negative!

      • Dogs are so funny. Clem also liked to poop on elevated things. Like we’ll be walking in the woods and her sister will poop on ground, but Clem will find some plant and try her best to crap on the highest leaf she can find. I think it’s because she’s short. I could tell dog stories forever. Lol

  2. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love this post. This is something that I’ve been working on too with my determination to enjoy the holidays this year because I have so much to be thankful for. Good things do happen and they do happen to you! I also love the picture of the pups! My dogs are the same way. The big dog is very aware of the fresh snow, where the little dog prefers the sunshine (or to be under a blanket). The bulldog? He has no idea what’s going on but runs around in the stuff and plays. 🙂 Good luck to you with your happiness cycle. 🙂

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