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Happiness Cycle Days 6, 7, and 8

Feels like minus 15 degrees Celsius? No problem!

I love baths. Just put on some jazz, turn the lights down low, diffuse some lavender and geranium essential oils… Soooo relaxing! A picture of our awesome shower, which we designed ourselves!


My whole life, I used to put up and decorate the Christmas tree by my lonesome. It was a bittersweet tradition for me. Sad to be the only one that cared to put up the tree, joyful because of the warmth and beauty emanating from certain Christmas traditions. Ever since I met my lovely wife, I haven’t set up a Christmas tree alone again. We’re not done setting it up, but here’s a picture of the little dog enjoying the decorations.



I brew my own Kombucha. This evening I was craving something fizzy, and dove into my last batch. It takes me three weeks to brew a batch, and I reuse old Kombucha bottles that I have previously purchased. This batch had the perfect balance of sweetness and carbonation. Delicious!


16 thoughts on “Happiness Cycle Days 6, 7, and 8

  1. Yay Christmas! I love Christmas trees and lights and decorations. Nothing beats the smell of Christmas trees. Sadly, most people in NZ go for the fake ones. Can’t beat the real thing. Love the shots of your dogs. Gorgeous.

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