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FET#4: Protocol

There are a lot of meds involved in our FET this round, and I thought that I’d like to document it, both for myself, but also to help anyone else who is also going through this. The days refer to cycle day, and non-medical supplementation is in brackets (Chinese Medicine herbs).

Days 3-16: Estrace 6mg daily

Days 3+: ASA 81mg daily

Day 13: Intralipids

Day 17+:
7:30am: Prednisone 10mg, Estrace 2mg, Pink PregVit, 100mg Endometrin, (1000IU Vitamin D, Yuan Support Formula- 4 tablets)
3:30pm: Endometrin 100mg, (Yuan Support Formula)
Dinner time: ASA 81mg, Blue PregVit Folic 5
11:30pm: 5000IU Fragmin, 2mg Estrace, 300mg Prometrium, 100mg Endometrin, levothyroxine 25mcg, (omega 3 fish oils, Yuan Support Formula)

Day 21: Frozen Embryo Transfer

Day 31: HCG beta test

Day 33: Repeat HCG beta test

Sometime after Day 33: Intralipids


– Set time alarms on your phone so that you take your meds at the proper times.

– But a pill schedule case like this to organize yourself:


– inject the Fragmin super slowly

– protect your underpants from leaky Endometrin using long and wide, but super thin panty liners. Better yet- make your own cloth ones, they are so much more comfortable

– clean your lady parts after Endometrin messes, or else it seems to burn down there

I just started the huge combo of meds today, and let me tell you, the Fragmin burns like a B$&@H! I was perfectly fine with the Lupron, Follistim, and Ovidrel injects during my stimulation phase, but this needle would not break the skin without significant force, and while I plunged very very slowly, the medication itself causes a strong burning sensation. I had DW hold my fat roll for me because I needed two hands to steadily depress the plunger, and it felt like she was pinching me as tightly as she could with fingernails (she wasn’t- that’s just what the Fragmin felt like going in). Anyway, I will find a way to make it work, as it needs to be done daily, but right now it is a not-so-distant unpleasant memory. Some advice: have someone else inject it for you, inject the drug very slowly, stop and catch your breath after the burning feeling, inject some more, and so on.

We also keep a stash of homemade organic tea tree and witch hazel wet naps by the toilet to help me “wipe up” any nasty Endometrin leakage (vaginal suppository). I am back to wearing large Cadillac-sized panty liners again too (so as to not ruin my underwear), so the wipes help to prevent some of the chaffing I experienced last pregnancy.

42 thoughts on “FET#4: Protocol

  1. That’s a lot of meds! I’m so glad you’re doing an aggressive and supported cycle. So true about the progesterone/endometrian – it’s so messy and it burns. I also have a rash from wearing pads all the time! You’re so brave for doing the needles. Good luck!

      • 20 mg split AM and PM. I have been on higher but last immune monitoring results were good so we left it at 20. I won’t know the nost recent test results for another week or so. How often are your IL infusions?

      • Right. But if all goes well and you want a repeat performance and kid #2 in the future OR if the unmentionable happens and this FET does not succeed, won’t you want to know if the medications were effective so you would have a sense (and peace of mind if so) of what to do the same or differently next time, assuming there is a next time?

      • Oh, I totally agree, and do. But working with this clinic is like pulling teeth. It took me pretty much harassing the nurse to get her to ask the RE to even run the immune bloodwork. They wouldn’t even do PGD for us when I asked and was willing to pay them more money. They have a protocol, and I am being made to feel special already having been put on the steroid and blood thinner. It is very frustrating.

      • He hasn’t responded. Surprise, surprise. I emailed the nurse, which usually doesn’t yield results until it’s too late. I guess I’ll have to ask him at my transfer on Wednesday. After more contemplation though, I’m wondering if it would be better for me to wait until second or third trimester to start, as the idea of heart defects, though minimal, is a major defect and freaks me out.

      • Yeah. I can appreciate her perspective but I also get your concern over heart defects. Is that in human babies or lab animals on which it was tested? If it were me and i decided to take the drug I would probably not listen to the RE if he wasn’t keen unless he had sound research showing there was an adverse interaction between the meds youre on and cipralex. But that is me. If you think youre going to take it and he doesnt answer let me know and I will ask my RI about interactions too.

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