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Happiness Cycle Days 21, 22, & 23

Day 21: Little Spark comes home

Day 22: Juno’s new “found” ball

On our walk this day, we found a ball floating in the creek. “Found” balls are Juno’s favourite. She prefers them to new store bought balls, and the bigger, the better. She especially likes puncturing them with her huge husky teeth and deflating them. Then, well, you can see what happens after….


Then, and only then, can her little sister play with it.


Day 23: Back at the Conservation Park


6 thoughts on “Happiness Cycle Days 21, 22, & 23

  1. Betty loves found objects. One of my favorite memories of this summer is when we were jogging, and she “found” a branch that had blown down in the previous day’s storm, and she decided what she needed to do was trot along carrying it as I jogged along behind her. It was hilarious, the other joggers/bicyclists got a kick out of it.

    • They have a very clear sense of ownership. It is hilarious, sometimes Clem will stare adoringly at a tennis ball that is resting beside Juno. She wants it, but knows that it belongs to her sister right now and it would be foolish to try to take it 🙂

  2. Lol – Fidèls favourite toy is a piece of strapping /webbing (like what you would use to secure a load on a trailer or roof rack. It’s about 1m long and has a loop tied in one end so we can tug on it and the other end has some knots and loops so we can insert a stick. She goes crazy for it and plays with it every day – we even brought it on holiday with us lol. The other toy she loves – but that we have to make new ones of all the time is an old sock with a tennis ball knotted in one end. The dog trainer we had said they go nuts for them and she surely does. It’s great to throw and even better for her to catch and swing madly as she runs back to / past us. Have you tried that with your dogs? (We call it her ‘Ball-sock’ but you must say that carefully 😉

    • What a very cute idea. I may have to try this. Our dogs love to bring us socks when we get home- as sort of a “welcome gift”. It’s adorable, except that they have both on occasion chewed holes through our socks, and I’m fairly certain that DW would vote against incorporating socks into an approved dog toy lol.

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