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FET#4: 8DP5DT or 13DPO

We got some snow overnight, and the roads were not plowed early enough for the morning rush hour.

Our bedroom window.

I got up early because the 30% increase in Levothyroxine makes me jittery in the morning, and tried out one of those MediCare Dollarama Pregnancy tests.


Now, I haven’t really posted much about symptoms because well, I haven’t really had any- aside from a permanent dizzy and brain fog feeling ever since 2DP5DT. I also had some minor cramping 1-2DP5DT. The only other time that I’ve experienced the brain fog and dizziness is during last pregnancy. Since I’ve been on these meds 5 days prior to the transfer, and didn’t feel the dizziness or brain fog then, I’m pretty sure that they are a sign of pregnancy for me.

Secretly, I also tested on 7DP5DT (yesterday) using my last Clearblue Easy Plus and got a faint positive.

Do you see it?

But after the BFN today, I’m confused, and feeling absolutely devastated. I’ve been laying in bed all day, feeling hopeless and depressed.

Do we have implantation failure? How have NONE of our 7 day 5 blastocysts worked in either of us?

Should we switch clinics? Or will it just be more of the same bullshit no matter where we go?

Our beta is on Saturday, and I feel guilty for not feeling hopeful.

I should’ve listened to my wife and never have bought those cheap dollar store tests.


35 thoughts on “FET#4: 8DP5DT or 13DPO

  1. During one of my TTC cycles, the ClearBlue gave me a false positive. I’m sure you can imagine the devastation that accompanied that.

    That being said, I wouldn’t put too much stock into the dollarama tests. Try again with a FRER, if you plan on testing again.

    I’m praying for you that you’re pregnant and the symptoms were giving you indication that your little one is in there with you.

  2. I definitely see a faint line on that Clear Blue. Could be that the cheapie test just wasn’t sensitive enough to see what the CB is seeing. Try not to let the gloom swallow you today. (Easier said than done, I know.) Hang in there.

    • Thanks Molly. I’m trying. You described how I feel so perfectly in your comment. I do feel like I’m being swallowed, engulfed, by terrible negative thoughts, and need to snap out of it.

  3. I agree with the comments so far – I see a faint line on the clearblue, and like your wife, I wouldn’t put my mental health in the hands of dollarama. So, go buy yourself some real quality tests and try again in a day or two.
    I suggest taking the dogs for a walk in the snow to start cheering yourself up (assuming it’s nice enough to be outside of course). Or sit down with a good book. Or bake. Really, just do something to distract yourself so you aren’t so consumed with your fears and frustrations (which are absolutely justified by the way).

    • Yes, so true on multiple points. Dollarama!?! What was I thinking? Cars are stuck in the snow all down the road. I may take the dogs to the field behind the house. Juno’s favourite thing (aside from found balls) is fresh snow. She prances in it like they are puddles. Thanks for the advice. I shall distract myself soon 🙂

  4. I am with My Perfect Breakdown. Distract yourself then test with a high quality test. Perfect time to bake Christmas cookies! Thinking of you today- I know that feeling so well.

  5. As hard as is is, bear in mind that it is much more likely to get a false negative than a false positive. And that was definitely positive. Even without looking at it backwards and upside down with crazy photo enhancements. Hoping for your hard!

  6. I see the faint positive. Mine didn’t show up on the cheap tests until several days later even though it was positive on the more expensive ones. I’m praying for you both and sending good thoughts your way!

  7. Testing is so freaking scary. I’m sorry you’re going through this and feeling so awful. I absolutely see the positive test in the clear blue. Did you buy another one? I wish you could come to LA and go to our clinic, they’re great and I know they could help you guys. Also, your relationship with your wife reminds me of my own.

      • Thats understandable. I wish i could say something comforting. Im sending you so many positive thoughts. You and DW are so dedicated, i know you’re going to be amazing moms, one way or another.

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